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Adventures in Geocaching: #2,000! 2K! I’ve Found Two Thousand Caches!

Okay. I know finding 2,000 geocaches isn’t that big of a deal anymore since some people can find that many in a year or two these days. But me? It’s taken me since December 26, 2004–that’s 7+ years–to find two … Continue reading

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Rotten Alabama Weather

We have a saying in Alabama that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. (I said this a couple of weeks ago.) Well, tonight the five minutes can’t come fast enough because we are … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Simple red, white, and blue.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

There are two places where I feel most at peace. At the river where I am lucky enough to be able to go for lunch several days out of the year. And at the beach, where the sound of the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Geocaching: A High Memories Day

As a geocacher, I love high numbers days. Mostly though, I don’t have those. What I really like is the kind of day I had today. A high memories day. Really, there was nothing overly special about today. It started … Continue reading

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Weird Music Mix

Today while eating at Five Guys, DH and I listened to the strangest mix of music. We started off with a classical music choice which we thought was very strange. As we sat waiting for our junior bacon cheeseburgers and … Continue reading

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Adventures in Geocaching: Blinded by Ivy

Actually, I’m not blinded by ivy. I’m mostly just blind when it comes to finding caches, evidenced by my stats of 1,983 finds to 399 DNFs (did not find). The local cachers keep saying they are going to throw an … Continue reading

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