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Adventures in Geocaching: It was a Cold & Snowy Day

A couple of days ago DH & I made our way to a local nature preserve known as Cane Creek Canyon. We would have loved to hike, but since we were enduring cold blowing wind and wet snow, we just … Continue reading

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Adventures in Geocaching: A High Memories Day

As a geocacher, I love high numbers days. Mostly though, I don’t have those. What I really like is the kind of day I had today. A high memories day. Really, there was nothing overly special about today. It started … Continue reading

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Adventures in Geocaching: Blinded by Ivy

Actually, I’m not blinded by ivy. I’m mostly just blind when it comes to finding caches, evidenced by my stats of 1,983 finds to 399 DNFs (did not find). The local cachers keep saying they are going to throw an … Continue reading

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Adventures in Geocaching, or How I Almost Impaled Myself

I went geocaching today. Normally, I usually just have fun, see some new sights, find a few caches, and DNF (did not find) a few more. Today’s adventure was a tad different. Exiting the car, I focused on following the … Continue reading

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What I DID Do This Summer

The list for what I didn’t do this summer was pretty long, so I’m hoping that the list for what I DID do this summer can compete. I did read this summer, just not so many books. I read a … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Do This Summer

I had the summer off this year for the first time in many years. With all that time stretching out in front of me, I had great plans for many projects. I’d like to tell you that I completed them … Continue reading

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Geocaching & Ducks & Fake Snakes

Today’s geocaching adventure really started off right. This was our first stop. I know it doesn’t look like much, but my caching buddy had DNF’d (didn’t find) it recently and wanted to go back and look for it again after … Continue reading

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