Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

A funny thing happened on the journey of doing the weekly photo challenge.

I lost my focus.

Not the focus on my camera–the focus of what I thought I was supposed to be doing.

See, I thought the challenge was like an assignment–something to pick up my camera and go do once I got the much anticipated challenge in my inbox on Friday.

I would give myself until Thursday to complete the challenge because I thought that I should be looking around my world for opportunities to complete said challenge.

Somewhere along the way I lost my way.

I noticed that folks were immediately posting photos.



Oh. I’m slow to pick up on things sometimes, but it eventually dawned on me that lots of you were not going out with fresh eyes, but you were searching through your old photos and posting immediately.

I ignored that for awhile, but then I felt pressure to get a photo up immediately lest no one would look at it. Humph.

I guess that’s why I haven’t posted a photo the last few weeks. Somehow the purpose of the challenge was lost for me.

Then, today, we got the Today Challenge. YES. Instruction to not look through photo archives.

Instruction to pick up our cameras and record TODAY.

I love it, and here is my record from TODAY.

GG#3 twirling a marshmallow in yellow sugar sprinkles. She likes pink the best.

GG#4 twirling a marshmallow in orange sugar sprinkles. She picked red for me.

Some of the final sparkly marshmallow products in pink (the overall fav), purple, blue, red, orange, and yellow.

TODAY was a good day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Last week the challenge was Ready, and I posted the beautiful about to pop and bloom Tulip Tree buds.

Well, here’s the Regret that they said, “Me First!!!!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

This week’s photo challenge has given me fits. I guess it’s not concrete enough for me. Here are my entries:

The story of my life–hoping for a better number on one or both scales.

Yes, I hope everyone considers every farm sacred.

I’m glad I had this concrete example of Hope.

Adventures in Geocaching: Weird Building Sighting

One of the things I love about geocaching is when I stumble upon something I would never have seen if I hadn’t been on my way to a cache, looking for a cache, or returning from a cache.

While meandering around Tarpon Springs, Florida, I came across this odd-looking building. All four corners of the building were decked out in this colorful stripeidey (stripe-uh-dee) pattern. It caught my attention to the point that I had to do a U-turn and go back and take a photo of it, even with the local law enforcement sitting in the parking lot.

I couldn’t see any signs designating what the building was for. I’m just glad I got to see it.

A little color is always a happy addition to the day.