Fake Spring Break

Today is the first day of Spring Break.

It’s been spitting snow all day.

It was 38 degrees.

The wind chill was 28 degrees. In Alabama.

I had to get our taxes done.

We have to get a new AC/Heating unit put in later this week. (The one that’s kaput is only 5 years old.)

If I had thought this through, I would have gotten my sister, and we would have gone to her condo in Florida after I rescheduled the above tasks.

Sea Oats

On the upside, we are getting a tax refund. Nice, since it’s our money anyway.

How has your first day of Spring Break been?


Caught in a Tornado!

Caught in a Tornado!

Today I was sitting at my desk, trying to finish up grading, when I heard that baseball-sized hail was headed my way. Thinking that I could get home ahead of it, I grabbed my stuff and hurried to my car.

It was raining when I left, with blue skies in front of me. No problem. I can stay in front of the front and all will be well.

Not when I get stopped for the full rotation of at least three lights.

The hail started first. Then, the blinding rain. Since I could still see blue skies, I thought that surely I could make it home.


At one point I was totally engulfed by driving winds and blinding rain. I thought the car was going to be lifted off the road. I was scared.

When it was clear to me that I was in a tornado—sometimes I’m a little slow—I pulled into the parking lot of a local restaurant. I was afraid to get out of the car because I might get blown away since I still thought the car was going to lift off.

I was praying like crazy.

Then, a little bitty woman ran in front of my car and into the restaurant. Shoot. I figured if the wind wasn’t blowing her away, I’d be okay since I’m about twice her size.

I walked as fast as I could into the restaurant, and in the 10 feet I walked, my clothes and hair were completely soaked. After feeling that wind, I now understand how people’s clothes are ripped off of them in a tornado.

I didn’t think I was that scared, but after I got inside I started shaking all over. I could hardly control my hands enough to text my husband that I was all right.

Just like that, it was over. The skies cleared, and I drove home.

Here’s what I saw after the storm:

It’s supposed to be a rough afternoon and evening. Here’s hoping we don’t get hit again.

Rotten Alabama Weather

We have a saying in Alabama that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. (I said this a couple of weeks ago.) Well, tonight the five minutes can’t come fast enough because we are supposed to have tornadic weather starting around midnight.

I had pretty well gotten a mental grip on dealing with the frequent turbulent weather around here, and then April 27, 2011, happened dealing the state with the worst, deadliest tornado day ever. I guess I thought since it was so bad last year, we might catch a break this year.

Bright reds, oranges and yellows show tracks o...

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But noooo. We are having March weather in January. Currently, it is after 9 p.m. and the temperature is 65 degrees. It should be 30-35 degrees. Last year we had snow, for crying out loud.

We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain this January. Snow is much, much better.

Here’s hoping the night brings only rain, with nary a tornado in sight.

Gotta Love Alabama Weather

We have a saying in Alabama. If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, and it will change. Today is the perfect example. Here’s how it played out.

When I woke up this morning, it was raining and a relatively warm 58 degrees.

When I was driving to work, the sun was trying to shine.

When I got to work, it was misting.

When I was teaching my first class, it was raining.

When I was teaching my second class, the wind was blowing.

When I was teaching my fourth class, it was cold, cold, cold outside.

When I was keeping my office hour, it was snowing.

When I was driving home, it was snowing more.

When DH was driving home, he was in a blizzard whiteout.

When I looked out this afternoon, there was a pink sunset.

When I was carrying grandgirls home, there was only spitting snow.

When my DIL was driving home, it took her 40 minutes to cross a very short bridge due to wrecks from the icing caused from the sudden drop in temperature.

When many people were driving across the bridges in the area, many faced hours of delay due to as much as 25-car pile-ups.

Schools in the area, including mine, have a two-hour delayed opening in the morning.

Why? We had .20 inches of snow.

In all fairness, the delay is because of the icing of the roads which will not thaw out over night since the temp is now 27 degrees.

You gotta love Alabama weather.

Bootless in Alabama

I felt a little left out today. It was a rainy, stormy day in Alabama, and I didn’t have any rain boots.

It’s kinda funny because used to I never saw anybody wearing rain boots around here, and today it seems like every other female had on a pair.

They were in all different patterns: flowers, plaid, polka dots, but best of all–


And that, my friends, may just convince me to buy a pair for myself.

Roll Tide!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Here are a few window shots I took this week.

Horses seen through a window of leaves.

My view this evening through my car window into the side mirror.

Car window reflections.

Fall colors in the rain as seen through my car window.

Nice project for the week. I’ve enjoyed this one.

Tooth Ripping-Ouch Day

Yesterday was not a fun day. Tooth #12 was ripped out of my head. Yep. That’s its name–tooth #12. That’s the one that if you don’t get it replaced, you look like you just stepped out of the movie Deliverance.

My misery started earlier last week with a little pain that I dismissed because I had successfully completed my six-month dental checkup a couple of weeks before. I realized the pain was real when my tooth broke in half while I was having my relaxing lunch at the river.

You can read about that here.

Talk about a way to ruin your day. I called the dentist, and of course couldn’t see him until the next day. When I got there, I had all kinds of fun on his carnival ride where he turns me upside down on my head to the point I am sliding headfirst to the floor. Man!

After feeling my tooth shift under his finger, he told me that it was one of those freak things that rarely happen. Lucky me. Then, he says he’s going to pull it.

Say what? Um, are you going to put me to sleep? I knew the answer was no, so we talked and decided I’d go to an oral surgeon. He got me in that day, so I left one office and proceeded directly to the other.

When my oral surgeon walked in, he said, “Do I know you?” I told him he had pulled my wicked wisdom tooth with the roots wrapped around my jawbone a year and a half ago. He still didn’t remember until I reminded him of what I told him.

“I weigh more than I look like I do, and I want you to be sure and give me enough stuff to make sure I’m out. I don’t want to know I’m in the world,” I said.

“It seems like I do remember that conversation,” he said with a grin.

The reason I told him that is because on another tooth-ripping occasion (yes, that’s three!) I knew EVERYTHING the oral surgeon was doing. Not fun.

As much as you can love an oral surgeon, I love this one. Both times he has knocked me out completely with what he calls “the good stuff,” and brought me back to life again. His nurse is awesome, and makes me feel as at ease as possible.

I had a bonus of seeing these pretty leaves upon entering the office. I was so goofy on the way out that I didn’t notice them then. 😀

After a swollen-face day yesterday, all is better today. Oh, and I’ve had hardly anything to eat the last three days, and guess how much weight I’ve lost? Not one ounce.

You’d think I’d at least get that bonus.