Adventures in Geocaching: It was a Cold & Snowy Day

A couple of days ago DH & I made our way to a local nature preserve known as Cane Creek Canyon. We would have loved to hike, but since we were enduring cold blowing wind and wet snow, we just found the first, easy cache at the beginning of the trail.

Cane Creek Canyon

Airplane on a Stick

After we left Cane Creek, we stopped to photograph this plane on a stick. See Santa & Mrs. Clause in the pilot seats?









Next we found this cache which was in really great shape. That’s always a nice surprise.

Rock Grave















When we emerged from the woods I saw this rock pile grave. I wonder why some graves are like this. Do you know? There were 3 in this cemetery.


I really like finding caches in old cemeteries, and this was our second cemetery find of the day.













It’s fun finding caches in fence rows.
Arrowhead Gravestone

When I turned around, I saw this–an arrowhead gravestone. (I’ve masked the info.) I have never seen one like this before, and this is what makes geocaching so interesting–you never know what you might stumble across.

Melted Snow on a Spiderweb

Sometimes the beauty is just at your feet.

Flat Rock Community House

Another interesting location a cache brought us to was the Flat Rock Community House. This used to be a one room schoolhouse, but now it is used for voting. Out back of the house was another fun sight.


How many of you have ever used an outhouse? I have, and it’s a cold seat on a day like the one we were there!


We saw fields and fields of buttercups whilst we were out caching this day.

Jesse Owens Memorial Park

Our caching adventure took us to the Jesse Owens Memorial Park. There are other caches there, but this is the only one I found on this trip.

Oakville Indian Mounds

I’ve lived close to here all my life, but I didn’t know about the Oakville Indian Mounds until this caching trip. If you’ve never tried geocaching, you really should because it will take you to so many unusual places!

Indian Clans

Personally, I want to be a member of the Long Hair Clan. 😀

Cherokee Removal

Cherokee Indian Removal information.

Creek Removal

Creek Indian Removal information. These are my people.

Oakville Indian Mound

Oakville Indian Mound Information

What’s funny about our visit here is that we think we may have been driving on the walking trail, but honestly, it was impossible to tell. I think we were okay because trust me–it was so cold and windy there wasn’t a soul on the trail.

Geocaching is a marvelous adventure that took us on a several hour trek through several Alabama counties experiencing sights we would have missed otherwise.

Grab a GPSr and go!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

This week’s photo challenge has given me fits. I guess it’s not concrete enough for me. Here are my entries:

The story of my life–hoping for a better number on one or both scales.

Yes, I hope everyone considers every farm sacred.

I’m glad I had this concrete example of Hope.

Adventures in Geocaching: #2,000! 2K! I’ve Found Two Thousand Caches!

Okay. I know finding 2,000 geocaches isn’t that big of a deal anymore since some people can find that many in a year or two these days.

But me? It’s taken me since December 26, 2004–that’s 7+ years–to find two thousand caches. I’m kinda slow since on a normal caching day I’ll DNF (did not find) approximately 30-50% of the caches I attempt. Today was an anomaly since I found 100% of the geocaches I attempted!

Also, I don’t like to cache if it’s raining, extremely hot, or extremely cold. I also won’t cache most weekends since I prefer to spend time with my husband, a dedicated cache-hunting hater. (I love him anyway.) 😀

I love, love, love geocaching, and I’m so glad to have marked 2K down as a milestone now.

This cache is 100th Anniversary. I adore cemetery geocaches because I love old cemeteries. This one fit the bill perfectly since it has graves that are well over 100 years old.

See the Little Church?

How cute is that? I would NEVER have seen this little church if not for geocaching. I love this hobby/sport/addiction!

My 2,000th Cache!

I had actually found a cache here in the past, but it has obviously been archived. I contemplated skipping this one as my 2K in favor of something else, but when the golden hour of photography lit up this church in such an awesome light, I knew this was the one for my 2,000th.

Geocaching, thank you for over 7 years of joy!!