Scissor Happy

Do you see that? That is what I pulled out of the dishwasher today. Five pairs of scissors.

Count ’em. 5. F. I. V. E. Five.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet that most of you have never ever had cause to run that many pairs of scissors through your dishwasher. In fact, I’ll bet some of you have never even run one single pair of scissors ever through your dishwasher.

What can I say? We are scissor happy here.

I can’t even remember what we used all the scissors for yesterday, but here’s a guess.

From left to right:

The snub-nosed red pair is the pair of choice for cutting herbs, but I’m pretty sure DH used them for deadheading the knock-out roses.

The orange-handled pair has been in this household forever. They may have been used for cutting open a package or trimming meat.

The black pair in the middle got the honor of hacking up chicken wings that DH cooked us for supper.

The kiddie scissors got the herb honors as I used them to cut sage for DH to put in hash he was cooking.

The last, fifth, pair of black scissors had a mystery purpose. Neither of us can remember just what they were used for yesterday.

So tell me–have you ever sent that many scissors through your dishwasher at once? What did you use them for?

We surely can’t be the only scissor happy couple on the planet!


Adventures in Geocaching: A High Memories Day

As a geocacher, I love high numbers days. Mostly though, I don’t have those. What I really like is the kind of day I had today.

A high memories day.

Really, there was nothing overly special about today. It started out sunny and a little warm, but as the sun sank it got a little cold.

The caches were mostly easy finds, but I had a most outstanding caching partner.

Anytime a grandgirl comes caching with me, the day becomes a high memories day rather than a numbers day. It doesn’t matter if the caches are at spectacular locations or not.

It doesn’t even matter too much if we find all the caches or not, but finding is always better than DNFing.

It matters more to her if we find something other than a log in the cache, and happily, today she got to score a smiley face pin for her shirt. And that was from a micro cache.

Looking for the Cache

What matters more to me is seeing the smiling face of a grandgirl finding something she didn’t expect and getting to spend time with her that I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

Now that is a high memories day. Thanks, geocaching. You have given me that with all five grandgirls.

And for the record, we found 4 and DNF’d 2.

6 Christmas Must-Do’s

As we are so quickly closing in on the big day of Christmas, I’m finding a few things I simply must do before the big reveal which happens for us on Christmas Eve this year.

  1. Finish up the last-minute shopping. I thought I was pretty much done, but I keep hearing whisperings of items that I still need to buy. Dang. I really didn’t want to venture into the abyss yet again.
  2. Address Christmas cards–a task I always put off until the last minute. To be honest, I tend to wait and see who I get cards from and just send them to those people. Interestingly, the list gets shorter every year. I think that’s due to a combination of Facebook, rising postage costs, and lack of personal contact. In fact, I was wondering as I addressed my envelopes just how long it will be before I’m told I’ll have to print rather than use cursive because the workers can’t read it anymore.
  3. Look at lights because time is fast running out to do so. I’ve tried two times to see the must-see lights in the area only to find out that I haven’t been able to find that particular street. I will find it this week!
  4. Wrap presents. My daughter, the Christmas Queen, has been out of commission due to working and illness in her household. Consequently, I’ve had to *gasp* wrap my own presents! It’s actually been okay, though, and I’m going to put her to work tying fancy bows on the gifts since she has learned how to do that at her job. ūüėÄ
  5. Watch lots of movies, enhanced significantly with the gift to DH that I had him open tonight. As a result, we got to watch Christmas Vacation again in the Blu-Ray version. My two favorite lines? “Merry Christmas! The sh*tt*r was full!” & “Worse? Worse?! Look around you Ellen! We’re at the threshold of h*ll!” Oh, and the movie came in a cool tin with a hat, pin, coasters, and a tiny moose cup.
  6. Buy the ham. Done. It’s almost 20 pounds and ready to be baked.

Merry Christmas!

My Top 10 Favorite Things To Do for Christmas

Christmastime is here. We all have Christmas traditions, and here are my top 10 favorite things to do in no particular order.

  1. Go see the Trees of Christmas with my daughter and whichever grandgirls can come along. These are ginormous real trees decorated by local folks. Every year the display is different and wonderful.
  2. Look at Christmas lights at night because you never know when you will find the perfect Clark Griswold house.
  3. And speaking of the Griswolds, I love to watch Christmas movies. Must sees are National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Elf, Young Pioneers Christmas, White Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street.
  4. Sit in the house in the dark and look at the Christmas lights. It’s magical.
  5. Watch it snow. Okay, so last year was one of the few times we’ve had a white Christmas in Alabama, but oh my, was it ever beautiful.
  6. Sing Christmas carols and Christmas songs. In my car, I’m the next American Idol.
  7. Have grandgirls over to spend the night. My perfect Christmas is for everyone to come to my house, spend the night, and wake up on Christmas morning and open presents. Since that is never going to happen, I make my version happen by having all the grandgirls over to spend the night early. I let them open a couple of presents early. They always get more than they can enjoy at once anyway. I LOVE IT.
  8. Work jigsaw puzzles. Since I’m a teacher, I have time off, and being able to work puzzles is a wonderful, relaxing thing.
  9. Travel. Sometimes, I actually get to go somewhere since I have time off.
  10. Geocaching. With the time off, I get to do some caching. That makes me very happy.
  11. More than 10, but the most important–thank God for the birth of Jesus.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, and in case you didn’t hear, oh by golly have a holly, jolly Christmas, this year!

Put the Phone Down

We went out to eat tonight, and as I looked around the restaurant, I was struck by the number of people interacting with their phones rather than gazing into each other’s eyes.

A father was interacting with his phone rather than with his daughter.

Put the phone down.

A husband was looking at his phone instead of talking to his wife.

Put the phone down.

A couple were checking out something on the phone rather than talking to the couple they were having dinner with.

Put the phone down.

How did we come to this?

Put the phone down.

Why do we prefer the companionship of a block of glass and metal over the people we love?

Put the phone down.

Have you ever gathered with family, looked around the room, and wondered why everybody was looking at their phones instead of talking to each other? I have.

Put the phone down.

Why would anyone ever need to have their phone out at the table?

Put the phone down.

Reconnect with humans.

12 More Days of Thanks

Thanksgiving is upon us, so in no particular order, here are 12 more thanks from me.

1.  Thanks for books.

2.  Thanks for grandgirls.

3.  Thanks for Thanksgiving.

4.  Thanks for Christmas lists.

5.  Thanks for time off.

6.  Thanks for a peaceful heart.

7.  Thanks for coupons.

8.  Thanks for anticipation.

9.  Thanks for helpers on big meal days.

10. Thanks for safe travels.

11. Thanks for little girls losing teeth and growing new ones.

12. Thanks for innovators.