Adventures in Geocaching: #2,000! 2K! I’ve Found Two Thousand Caches!

Okay. I know finding 2,000 geocaches isn’t that big of a deal anymore since some people can find that many in a year or two these days.

But me? It’s taken me since December 26, 2004–that’s 7+ years–to find two thousand caches. I’m kinda slow since on a normal caching day I’ll DNF (did not find) approximately 30-50% of the caches I attempt. Today was an anomaly since I found 100% of the geocaches I attempted!

Also, I don’t like to cache if it’s raining, extremely hot, or extremely cold. I also won’t cache most weekends since I prefer to spend time with my husband, a dedicated cache-hunting hater. (I love him anyway.) 😀

I love, love, love geocaching, and I’m so glad to have marked 2K down as a milestone now.

This cache is 100th Anniversary. I adore cemetery geocaches because I love old cemeteries. This one fit the bill perfectly since it has graves that are well over 100 years old.

See the Little Church?

How cute is that? I would NEVER have seen this little church if not for geocaching. I love this hobby/sport/addiction!

My 2,000th Cache!

I had actually found a cache here in the past, but it has obviously been archived. I contemplated skipping this one as my 2K in favor of something else, but when the golden hour of photography lit up this church in such an awesome light, I knew this was the one for my 2,000th.

Geocaching, thank you for over 7 years of joy!!

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