Fake Spring Break

Today is the first day of Spring Break.

It’s been spitting snow all day.

It was 38 degrees.

The wind chill was 28 degrees. In Alabama.

I had to get our taxes done.

We have to get a new AC/Heating unit put in later this week. (The one that’s kaput is only 5 years old.)

If I had thought this through, I would have gotten my sister, and we would have gone to her condo in Florida after I rescheduled the above tasks.

Sea Oats

On the upside, we are getting a tax refund. Nice, since it’s our money anyway.

How has your first day of Spring Break been?


Don’t Miss the Little Very Important Things This Christmas

We celebrated Christmas on December 16th this year due to a variety of reasons. It was wonderful for many different reasons including no pressure for anyone to have to be celebrating with anyone else on that particular day. You know how it is—go here—go there—go everywhere—and have a hard time enjoying any of it. We’ve all been there.

So, this year, no pressure. Just a day, albeit early, to enjoy Christmas.

We did all the usual things—ate too much, bustled about, and then settled down to open the ridiculous number of presents. We start out rather organized with each one opening a gift at a time, and then descend into a kind of anarchy where there ensues a bit of pell-mell opening of gifts. Chaos. Lovely.

After all the presents were opened and the adult children with our grandchildren were heading home, I hear a small voice.

“Aren’t you going to open this present?”

“What, Little Baby?”

“Are you going to open this one?”

She pointed to the one lone remaining gift.

GG#3 Gift

“Is this for me?”


Now, I had thought this gift just had candy that she had confiscated from a stash I had in the kitchen, so I didn’t think it was very important.

Boy, was I wrong.

Grandgirl #3 looked at me with her big brown eyes, and I could see that I had committed a grievous error.

I had overlooked her gift that she had made just for me.

This child had spent hours painstakingly sticking pins through sequins and beads making an Alabama ornament just for me.

GG#3 Ornament

And I had just left it sitting there.

When I opened it, tears sprang to my eyes. I’ve never received such a gift.

This child never ceases to amaze me. She will work hours on end on a project and then hand it to you like it took her two minutes to complete.

This one took the cake, and I almost missed it.

Please don’t miss the little important things coming your way this Christmas.

Rotten Alabama Weather

We have a saying in Alabama that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. (I said this a couple of weeks ago.) Well, tonight the five minutes can’t come fast enough because we are supposed to have tornadic weather starting around midnight.

I had pretty well gotten a mental grip on dealing with the frequent turbulent weather around here, and then April 27, 2011, happened dealing the state with the worst, deadliest tornado day ever. I guess I thought since it was so bad last year, we might catch a break this year.

Bright reds, oranges and yellows show tracks o...
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But noooo. We are having March weather in January. Currently, it is after 9 p.m. and the temperature is 65 degrees. It should be 30-35 degrees. Last year we had snow, for crying out loud.

We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain this January. Snow is much, much better.

Here’s hoping the night brings only rain, with nary a tornado in sight.

Gotta Love Alabama Weather

We have a saying in Alabama. If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, and it will change. Today is the perfect example. Here’s how it played out.

When I woke up this morning, it was raining and a relatively warm 58 degrees.

When I was driving to work, the sun was trying to shine.

When I got to work, it was misting.

When I was teaching my first class, it was raining.

When I was teaching my second class, the wind was blowing.

When I was teaching my fourth class, it was cold, cold, cold outside.

When I was keeping my office hour, it was snowing.

When I was driving home, it was snowing more.

When DH was driving home, he was in a blizzard whiteout.

When I looked out this afternoon, there was a pink sunset.

When I was carrying grandgirls home, there was only spitting snow.

When my DIL was driving home, it took her 40 minutes to cross a very short bridge due to wrecks from the icing caused from the sudden drop in temperature.

When many people were driving across the bridges in the area, many faced hours of delay due to as much as 25-car pile-ups.

Schools in the area, including mine, have a two-hour delayed opening in the morning.

Why? We had .20 inches of snow.

In all fairness, the delay is because of the icing of the roads which will not thaw out over night since the temp is now 27 degrees.

You gotta love Alabama weather.

Adventures in Geocaching, or How I Almost Impaled Myself

I went geocaching today. Normally, I usually just have fun, see some new sights, find a few caches, and DNF (did not find) a few more. Today’s adventure was a tad different.

Exiting the car, I focused on following the pointing arrow on my GPSr to the cache. I hadn’t gone more than three purposeful strides when WHAM! I slammed into something.

What could it be?

Oh, no! I had walked into a rusty iron spike sticking out of a concrete barrier. There was a space between two of them, and I thought I was walking through them. I did not see the spike.

I hit the spike so hard that it ripped a hole in my jeans, and I am so glad I was wearing them. If I had been wearing the much thinner pants I had planned to wear, I would surely have punctured a hole in my leg.

I went to the car, checked my wound, and decided that it was only a scrape since it wasn’t bleeding. I actually tried to find the cache after that, but I had to DNF it. Imagine that.

After giving up the search, I check the wound again. Blood. Well, great. Just great.

Okay, I’m in a strange city with no knowledge of any medical anything, so through an internet search I decide on a doc-in-a-box to go to.

Imagine my surprise when I walk in and everything looks modern and fresh, and I don’t catch a stinky whiff anywhere. You know that yucky smell in most medical facilities? This place doesn’t have it.

After filling out the paperwork, I walk to the room for her to take my vitals. She said the doctor was going to love me!


She said it was because I’m a Bama fan. Turns out, the doctor is from Alabama, too. He also went to The University of Alabama. (All this happened in Florida.) I guess she could tell I’m a fan because I was wearing my Championship shirt and carrying my houndstooth purse. 😀

When I saw the doctor, I told him Roll Tide! After doing what all Southerners do, which is make connections, we were both a bit flabbergasted to find that we were from the same town. The nurse wondered what the odds were of that happening. Apparently 100% on this day!

He cleaned my wound, told me I didn’t need stitches, gave me a tetanus shot and prescription for antibiotics, and sent me on my way. I can honestly say I’ve never had a more pleasant “emergency” doctor visit.

The day started out lousy but ended pretty well with my actually finding a couple of caches. I like adventures in geocaching, but I prefer they not take me to the medicine man.