Linn Cove Viaduct

I liked yesterday’s photo so much I decided today’s post would be another but headed the opposite direction.

Enjoy the Fall color season!


Ground Control to Major Tom

One of the recent suggested topics was “Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life?”

I asked DH which he would prefer knowing full well what he would say before I even asked him. He said that he would take the trip to space. Natch. Further solidifying the running joke in our house about what complete opposites we are.

For me, absolutely I choose free international travel for life. Why would I choose one trip locked up in a cylindrical hell when I could take delight in international travel for life. For LIFE. Not one trip, but for life! Oh yeah.  I’m taking that one.

Where would I go? Hmmm. Let me think. Let’s start ticking off the life list.

View of Matterhorn and Dent d'Hérens from Tête...

Matterhorn in Switzerland/Image via Wikipedia

Switzerland–First and foremost, my all-time dream trip. And while I’m so close I’ll go to Austria, too.

The Grand Canyon–DH calls it a big ditch, but since the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was my favorite part of our Yellowstone trip, I know I’ll love it. I want to photograph sunsets and sunrises there. I want to just look and look and look.

Glacier National Park–Riding the Going To The Sun Road definitely has a place on my list.

The American Northeast in the Fall–I’d love to see the blazing colors on the trees.

Italy–My sister has been there many times and from her descriptions, I’d love to go there.

Hawaii–Perfect weather, pork, and the beach. What more could I want?

Germany–I hear the food is awesome.

The Book of Kells, c. 800, showing the lavishl...

The Book of Kells Gospel of John/Image via Wikipedia

Ireland–Just to see the green and The Book of Kells at Trinity College.

England–I’m an English major, so I’d love to tour there and check out the cemeteries, too.

Scotland–Why not?

France–Even though they don’t like Americans, I’d like to see it anyway.

Yellow Knife, Canada–I’ll go there to see the Northern Lights.

Alaska–Just to say I’ve been there.

Turkey–I have lots of former students there, and their food is awesome.

Greece–Since I’ll be next door.

Japan–Again, lots of former students there.

Chile–Patagonia for sure.

Australia–Why not?

Idaho–I’ve always wanted to go there.

Other states: West Virginia, South Carolina, and all the others I haven’t been to.

International travel for life. Wow. It’s hard to imagine, really, but it’s definitely my choice.

Corner Kitchen in Asheville, NC

I’ve always heard that when traveling, you should always ask a local where to eat. I try to do that sometimes and usually get good recommendations. We really hit the jackpot when we were in Asheville, North Carolina.

We had decided to eat at Mellow Mushroom, but on impulse on the way out of the motel, I asked the dude at the front desk where he would recommend that we eat. He said, “Corner Kitchen.” Of course we had never heard of it.

Upon further inquiry, he told us that they only use fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. We had never eaten at such a place, so we decided to try it. He said most people have reservations, but since we were going early–5ish–we decided to try it.

We wandered around Biltmore land a bit before we spotted it. We walked in and told the lady we didn’t have reservations, and she said, “Can you eat in an hour and fifteen minutes?”

“Sure,” was our reply. What did we know? As it turned out, that meant no dessert, but we never order that anyway.

Somehow I accidentally saved this map search to my photos on my phone, so you can see where Corner Kitchen is.

I would have made photos of the food, but DH gets all weird about that sometimes, so I didn’t take any. The food was awesome, though.

We started with crab/corn chowder that was amazing, and we got a bread basket that had some pesto brushed bread that was quite tasty. DH had Jamaican jerk chicken that was good but spicy hot, black beans, guacamole, and fried plantains. I had meatloaf, collards, and cheese grits. The meatloaf was good but the sauce was a little sweet. The collards were not bitter at all. Impressive. The cheese grits were very delicious.

Overall, our experience at Corner Kitchen was quite excellent. You should check it out if you are ever in Asheville.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

I’ve been to the Smoky Mountains many times, and I’ve been to the Rockies just once. Since this challenge is for mountains and I just got back from The Smokies, I’m posting a couple of photos from that trip.

View from Newfound Gap

As usual, the view from Newfound Gap was hazy but beautiful as always.

Night was falling, so this image isn’t quite as clear. That’s Mt. LeConte at sunset as seen from the Gatlinburg by-pass. It’s also the location of a geocaching earthcache.

We went October 2010, so here are a few from that trip.

Newfound Gap October 2010

View just below Newfound Gap on the North Carolina Side

View from Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Graveyard out Hwy 321

There was a cache here, or we would never have stopped at this spot.

Going to the mountains is like breathing for us.


One of the nice things about road trips is the side road trips. GG#1 and I went to see the bison at LBL (Land Between the Lakes), and since we were so close, we went to see Superman in Metropolis, Illinois.

On the day we went, it was unfortunate that the museums and shops weren’t open. However, Superman reigned over the town in all his glory.

I got to be Supergirl.

After that short tour, we found a geocache by the river.

We ended the day at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Overall, an excellent day!


Many people have asked me why I have the name BisonWoman. I use it as my geocaching name (more about that another day) because my daughter gave me that name probably as early as 1999.

Why, you ask? Well, in 1999 my husband and I took our trip of a lifetime to Yellowstone. We traveled over 5,000 miles and spent 18 days together–the longest time we had ever lived nonstop with each other our entire marriage. That was a real test! We passed.

When we entered Colorado, 2 bison sat at the state line welcoming us there. I couldn’t believe it! When we drove up to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, a couple of bison lounged on the grounds practically at the front door. Really? I was beside myself! I couldn’t believe it! Again!

One afternoon while returning to the park from West Yellowstone, we got caught in a 13 minute bison jam. I have never seen anything like it. They wandered everywhere–in front of the 4Runner, beside the 4Runner, behind the 4Runner–it was a little freaky, but I loved it!

I totally fell in love with bison on that trip. Somehow, they touched my Native American soul. I bought lots of bison stuff while in the wild west, including this well used and loved bison coaster:

This looks great thanks to computer photo enhancements! The actual look is much duller due to 12 years of use.

As my collection grew, my daughter started calling me BisonWoman.

I started caching in 2004 with BisonWoman as my username because it seemed to fit the outdoor activity. I’ve had some cachers suggest it’s not a very complimentary name for a woman, but for me it’s just reflecting my fascination with the very cool Bison.