Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Since I just got back from the mountains, my photos for this challenge are from there.

Looking down on the Appalachian Trail sign at Newfound Gap.

My boots on the AT.

Looking down on the benchmark at Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

In North Carolina, they call Fall The Color Season, a most fitting name for my 2nd favorite season of the year. The bright and beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows of dying leaves of deciduous trees delight me every year.

Since I love Fall so much and the leaves aren’t turning here yet, I’ve included a few from this season, a few from last season, and one from our trip to the Smokies last year.

Dogwood Leaves

The Dogwood trees are just beginning to turn here, and the berries are showing off their beautiful red color.

Oak Leaves

These Oak leaves tell the tale of slowly turning color to bring on Fall.

Stick Flowers

I call these stick flowers, but they are actually Spider Lilies or Surprise Lilies. They spring up seemingly overnight in late Summer and early Fall. I love them.

Smoky Mountain Trees

I saw these beauties while we were driving the Roaring Fork Motor Trail in the Smoky Mountains.

Maple Tree

October 27th of last year was the peak for this beautiful Maple tree.

Angel in Cemetery

I love the image of this angel in a local cemetery that I captured last Fall on November 3, 2010.

Multicolored Tree

Have you ever seen a variegated tree before? I never had, either. This multicolored tree is my all time favorite. I’m watching it closely to see if it puts on the same show this year.

Here’s hoping we all have a beautiful Fall Color Season!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

I’ve been to the Smoky Mountains many times, and I’ve been to the Rockies just once. Since this challenge is for mountains and I just got back from The Smokies, I’m posting a couple of photos from that trip.

View from Newfound Gap

As usual, the view from Newfound Gap was hazy but beautiful as always.

Night was falling, so this image isn’t quite as clear. That’s Mt. LeConte at sunset as seen from the Gatlinburg by-pass. It’s also the location of a geocaching earthcache.

We went October 2010, so here are a few from that trip.

Newfound Gap October 2010

View just below Newfound Gap on the North Carolina Side

View from Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Graveyard out Hwy 321

There was a cache here, or we would never have stopped at this spot.

Going to the mountains is like breathing for us.