A Silver Lining on the Cloud of Shopping

I hate shopping. Generally, I find it to be a pain in the patootie. It makes my knees and feet hurt. Also, if I shop in stores, I’ve noticed I spend far more than when I shop online. When I see an item, particularly if it’s on sale, I’m much more likely to buy it. For me, online shopping is more targeted, and I’m less likely to impulse buy.

Funny thing I’ve noticed is that if I stay out of stores, I don’t spend money. That right there is one excellent reason to not shop.

Anyway, due to the Christmas last-minute shopping crush, I found myself out shopping today. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into one of my former professors and his wife. He was a favorite of mine, and it delighted me to see him and talk to him.

One of the comments he made in class has always stuck with me. “Music is the universal language,” meaning that if you can read music, you can read it no matter what language you read. How very true.

We chatted and did some catching up, and he told me how he has recently delved into the Kindle world. I told his wife she should get one too so they wouldn’t fight over it.

Now as much as I love Amazon, and I do love Amazon and online shopping, I would never have run into this man online. That sort of chance meeting can only happen while out physically shopping rather than cyber shopping. I’m so glad I ventured out today!

Also, since I was talking to him, I hung my head in shame and told him how sorry I was for turning in that paper that I wrote in his Shakespeare class to him with the *ahem* creative margins. I would never let a student get away with that, and looking from the other side of the desk, I knew that paper was a crock. Heck, I knew it when I turned it in.

Being the gracious man he is, first he told me not to worry about it (I’m sure he didn’t remember it from the thousands he graded–or at least I hope he didn’t) and then he lifted his had to me and said, “You’re absolved. Don’t think about it any more.” Whew. Really, I’m glad to have that off my chest.

In case you don’t know, here’s the dictionary definition for absolve:

“set or declare (someone) free from blame, guilt, or responsibility : the pardon absolved them of any crimes.”

My silver lining in the cloud of shopping today is that I’ve been absolved of the creative margin crime that made a three-page paper look like a seven-page paper.

Now that’s a Christmas gift.


Cyber Monday Maze Madness

Cyber Monday has turned into a maze of madness for me. Shopping on Black Friday is a nightmare, but at least there are a limited number of stores you can actually get to.

On Cyber Monday, the possibilities seem endless; therefore, they are absolutely overwhelming! I have looked and looked online today and haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s out there.

I think if the cyber retailers really want lots of business, they should have their sales for about a week. Then, those of us who have actual jobs will have more time to throw our money their way.

Just sayin’.

Black Friday: Madness or Calmness?

I used to shop on Black Friday on occasion, but at some point in my life I decided that there wasn’t anything I wanted so much that somebody might snatch it out of my hands during the madness. I decided to choose calmness.

Choosing calmness means that I didn’t have to get up at 3 in the morning to go shopping at 4 or 5. It also means that when the retailers decided to back it up to Thanksgiving night this year, I didn’t have to pull an all-nighter like I used to do when studying in college.

It means that I missed the man snatching the Hot Wheels thingy from a short lady’s hands and go skulking off with it. What kind of low-down loser does that?

It means that I missed seeing women scrapping with each other trying to get the object of their desire.

It means that I missed watching people rushing the pallets at 9:51 instead of waiting until 10:00 at Wally World like they were supposed to. And BTW, DH went there at lunch today, and there were still pallets full of the bargains. Go figure. I asked him why he didn’t buy it since it was there, and he said, “What do I need with that crap?” Wise, wise man.

Pepper spray Demonstration; U.S. Marine Corps ...
Image via Wikipedia

It means I missed the woman clearing the path for herself using pepper spray. You must be kidding me! Checkthisout

And then there are the drunks that I missed being tasered: Drunk Taser Story

Yep, I’m so sorry I missed all of  that.

I think I’ll choose calmness every year.

Makin’ 9 Lists–Checkin’ ’em Twice

9 Christmas Lists

In the photo there are really 9 lists, but you can only see 8. These lists make me happier than you can imagine because I usually don’t get them until much later. Now, I can start looking for these treasures with a whole 31 day advance.

The most fun lists, of course, come from the grandgirls.

One wants pifum (perfume). Her momma says no. She also wants makeup. I say no. (She’s 7.) She also wants a whole bunch of DS games. She doesn’t have a DS. Hmmm. A doll house tub & toilet? Strange, but can be arranged. A pink doll. Done.

Next up, more DS games, Littlest Pet Shop stuff, and Zoobles. Zoobles? What’s that?

Another one wants a singing Rudolph. Hmm. They already have one in their house, but she seems to need one that is all her own. She also needs fake makeup. Done.

Baby grandgirl wants Strawberry Shortcake dolls. No problem. Horses–done, as long as she doesn’t mean real ones. 😀 Rapunzel Barbie. Easy. American Girl doll–since she’s 5, she’s probably not quite old enough for that one.

My oldest grandgirl has moved past the toy stage. She wants boring stuff like clothes, shoes, jewelry, CDs,  PJs, hats, scarves, and an iTunes gift card. Most are doable, but I really hate to see her vault past that little girl stage.

As for the adult children, they have requested items such as DVDs, sweatshirts, tools, clothes, CDs, jewelry, shoes, jeans, cash, grilling stuff, socks, and gift cards.  You know–interesting stuff.

That’s okay. I learned a long time ago to give people what they want rather than what I want them to have.

I’m thrilled to have the lists in hand complete with colors and sizes. Let the quest begin!

Oh, and big shout out to my daughter for suggesting this to be my blog topic for today. Thanks!

Wicker Quest


See that picture? That’s my sister’s wicker. Well, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of my sister’s wicker.

She’s on a quest–a wicker quest. As my brother-in-law said, he’s learned that when she has decided she wants something, the quest commences!

So far, she has acquired a wicker rocker, ottoman, and lounger. She spray-painted them black.

She has purchased a couch, chair, and ottoman for a pretty decent price. So far she’s left that as-is.

Yesterday she drove to a house north of Nashville for her race-horse deal–a couch, a chair, an ottoman, and three end tables–all for $75. Now she’s in the process of painting it all black with oil-based house paint.

The woman is on a mission.

I’m not sure just how much wicker she’s going to get, but I’m pretty sure she has more that she needs right now.

Let’s recap. Here’s what she has so far:

1 Rocker

2 Couches

1 Lounger

3 Chairs

3 (maybe 4) Ottomans

3 (maybe more) End Tables

1 Baby Changing Table–Did I mention she’s a tad past the baby age?

2 Side Tables

1 Bookcase

2 Tissue Cover Thingys

2 (or more) Round Tables

1 Lamp

1 Wastebasket (I think)

I’m pretty sure my inventory list isn’t completely accurate, but I think she needs a little more, don’t you?

She says to let her know if you have any for sale!

Adventures in Yardsaling

We have an at least once-a-year tradition now–going yardsaling aka going to yard sales. I have at least one grandgirl who thinks this is the greatest thing ever. She has figured out that when she goes, she can always come back with some really swell item for cheap.

Somehow this summer we put it off until the last Saturday before school starts back. That’s okay, though, because at least it was a little cooler this morning.

She actually hit her big score at one of the first yard sales we hit. There in all their beautiful Barbie glory sat three of the fancy ones. She immediately settled on the Millennium Barbie. I don’t know how much they retailed for, but the asking price on this one was eight dollars.

I went and asked the lady who was the pricer of the Barbies. Oddly enough, she said the dolls were her husbands’. I asked her if she would take six dollars for the doll, and she said, “Oh no, she is worth much more than that.”

Okay, so I go back and my daughter, grandgirl, and I all converse about the doll. My daughter says she won’t pay that for it, grandgirl only has two dollars, so I say that I will make up the six-dollar difference.

My daughter heads back to the car, and I tell my grandgirl to take the Barbie up to the lady and ask her if she’ll take six dollars for it. Of course the lady smiles at my beautiful grandgirl and says, “Since you’re so cute, I’ll sell it to you for seven dollars.”

My grandgirl keeps on smiling at her, and the lady turns to her friend and says, “Doesn’t she look like Meredith?” The friend says, “Yes, I think she does!” At which point the lady turns back to this sweet child and says, “Okay, you can have it for six dollars.”

Score! We turn to leave with the beautiful Millennium Barbie and hear them saying, “Doesn’t she look like Meredith?” “Yes, she really does! She is SO cute!”

I guess it pays to be cute and look like someone else!

After that success, my grandgirl also found bargains in the form of twenty cent pink pompoms and a twenty-five cent 100-piece kitten jigsaw puzzle.

All in all, a very successful day with my daughter also bringing home a fifty-cent copy of The Shack.

We also got to see a beautiful Crepe Myrtle.

Crepe Myrtle

We ended the day with a laugh.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The Unknown Product

We went to town to look for Neat’s Oil. I know–I’ve never heard of the unknown product either. My sister told me to get it for the leather top of a desk she brought to me. I thought she said neet oil, and when we went looking, the only thing we saw was teak oil.

So we called for clarification. My brother-in-law spelled it out for me, so we went to a sporting goods store to try to find it. When we walked in the door, I asked the dude at the front if they had Neat’s Oil.

“Whut?” was his reply after a pause.

“Neat’s Oil.” I could see him searching his brain for it. After I told him it is to keep water out of shoes, he directed us to the shoe section.

I asked the guy in shoes the same question. Blank look. “I don’t know. I haven’t really heard of that.”

Okay. We leave and go to an outdoor type store. A pretty girl asks us if she can help. I ask the same question to her. “Um, I’m not familiar with all the little products. Let me ask somebody.”

No, they didn’t have it either.

We return home empty-handed, and look online. Amazon has it, of course.

I don’t think we wasted time going to the different stores because I love watching people’s faces when I ask them something they have no idea about. Try it sometime.