Adventures in Geocaching: It was a Cold & Snowy Day

A couple of days ago DH & I made our way to a local nature preserve known as Cane Creek Canyon. We would have loved to hike, but since we were enduring cold blowing wind and wet snow, we just found the first, easy cache at the beginning of the trail.

Cane Creek Canyon

Airplane on a Stick

After we left Cane Creek, we stopped to photograph this plane on a stick. See Santa & Mrs. Clause in the pilot seats?









Next we found this cache which was in really great shape. That’s always a nice surprise.

Rock Grave















When we emerged from the woods I saw this rock pile grave. I wonder why some graves are like this. Do you know? There were 3 in this cemetery.


I really like finding caches in old cemeteries, and this was our second cemetery find of the day.













It’s fun finding caches in fence rows.
Arrowhead Gravestone

When I turned around, I saw this–an arrowhead gravestone. (I’ve masked the info.) I have never seen one like this before, and this is what makes geocaching so interesting–you never know what you might stumble across.

Melted Snow on a Spiderweb

Sometimes the beauty is just at your feet.

Flat Rock Community House

Another interesting location a cache brought us to was the Flat Rock Community House. This used to be a one room schoolhouse, but now it is used for voting. Out back of the house was another fun sight.


How many of you have ever used an outhouse? I have, and it’s a cold seat on a day like the one we were there!


We saw fields and fields of buttercups whilst we were out caching this day.

Jesse Owens Memorial Park

Our caching adventure took us to the Jesse Owens Memorial Park. There are other caches there, but this is the only one I found on this trip.

Oakville Indian Mounds

I’ve lived close to here all my life, but I didn’t know about the Oakville Indian Mounds until this caching trip. If you’ve never tried geocaching, you really should because it will take you to so many unusual places!

Indian Clans

Personally, I want to be a member of the Long Hair Clan. 😀

Cherokee Removal

Cherokee Indian Removal information.

Creek Removal

Creek Indian Removal information. These are my people.

Oakville Indian Mound

Oakville Indian Mound Information

What’s funny about our visit here is that we think we may have been driving on the walking trail, but honestly, it was impossible to tell. I think we were okay because trust me–it was so cold and windy there wasn’t a soul on the trail.

Geocaching is a marvelous adventure that took us on a several hour trek through several Alabama counties experiencing sights we would have missed otherwise.

Grab a GPSr and go!


Photo Challenge: Path

When I saw this photo challenge, I knew exactly which paths I would photograph. I love the trails that wend through the woods nearby. I’ve spent many hours on them, and I need to spend many more.

This is my favorite path/trail because it dips down into a ravine and then winds up rock staircases past a riotous display of wildflowers in the Spring.

This path’s bridge rises over a babbling stream that empties into the river where people are always fishing.

When the fisherpeople need a new location, they follow this path to a better fishing spot.

A path/trail bending into the woods exemplifies why I love hiking them so much–I just never know what I might see just around that bend.

What I Didn’t Do This Summer

I had the summer off this year for the first time in many years. With all that time stretching out in front of me, I had great plans for many projects. I’d like to tell you that I completed them all, but of course I didn’t. Here’s a partial list of what I didn’t do this summer:

I didn’t exercise.

I didn’t bake bread.

I didn’t become a computer expert by working through all the manuals I have.

I didn’t get a haircut.

I didn’t master all the ins and outs of my camera.

I didn’t conquer Aperture.

I didn’t get my nails done.

I didn’t become a gourmet chef.

I didn’t read as much as I intended to.

I didn’t get rid of all the junk in my house.

I didn’t become an extreme couponer.

I didn’t geocache nearly as much as I thought I would. The 100 degree temps had a lot to do with that.

I didn’t visit my sister as much as I should have. Heck, I didn’t even spend one night with her.

I didn’t walk the dog. Oh wait. I don’t have a dog.

I didn’t decorate my living room.

I didn’t empty the storage building.

I didn’t get two pictures reframed.

I didn’t refinance the house.

I didn’t get a ceiling fan.

This list is getting to be a bummer.

I didn’t lose weight.

I guess what this list shows me is that to get things done, I need daily lists and focus. Maybe I’ll work on all these things tomorrow. Yeah, right. Since procrastination seems to be my middle name, I won’t hold my breath.

The summer wasn’t a complete waste, however. Tomorrow’s blog will feature what I DID do this summer.

Geocaching & Ducks & Fake Snakes

Today’s geocaching adventure really started off right. This was our first stop.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but my caching buddy had DNF’d (didn’t find) it recently and wanted to go back and look for it again after getting info from the cache owner.

While she was poking around looking for it, a local police officer drove up wanting to know what we were doing. First cache of the day, mind you! Then, he said, “Geocachers, I’ll bet.”

What? Yep, he knew about it because he’s a geocacher, too. Whew! That certainly made our lives easier!

Later, we meandered around finding other caches, then these lovelies met us at one of the caches.

They were certainly looking for food, and we didn’t have a thing to feed them. The small dark one pecked on my foot at one point.

This ducky has beautiful markings on it.

After the duck encounter, we continued on and came across this:

Nothing quite like a fake snake to top off a great geocaching day!

Oh, I don’t know why that duck neck is in my title bar up there!


One of the nice things about road trips is the side road trips. GG#1 and I went to see the bison at LBL (Land Between the Lakes), and since we were so close, we went to see Superman in Metropolis, Illinois.

On the day we went, it was unfortunate that the museums and shops weren’t open. However, Superman reigned over the town in all his glory.

I got to be Supergirl.

After that short tour, we found a geocache by the river.

We ended the day at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Overall, an excellent day!