Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

Merry Christmas! The best Celebration of all!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting for The Civil Wars Concert

When I was waiting to get in The Civil Wars concert, who knew I was waiting to see a duo that would be nominated for two Grammys before the year was done?

The Civil Wars

Did they know they would be waiting to hear their names called for so many nominations in the near future?

12 Days, 12 Thanks

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

First Thanksgiving/Image via Wikipedia

Twelve days of November have passed, so for this month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving, here are twelve thanks from me in no particular order.

  1. Thanks for my husband.
  2. Thanks for my family.
  3. Thanks for a good house and home.
  4. Thanks for electricity.
  5. Thanks for a job for both DH and me.
  6. Thanks for Alabama football.
  7. Thanks for FREEDOM.
  8. Thanks for perfect weather days.
  9. Thanks for Fall color.
  10. Thanks for coffee in the mornings.
  11. Thanks for good health.
  12. Thanks for the ability to take so many things for granted so much of the time.

You Can Only Have One Thing

A recent autotopic that rolled through was “If you had a restaurant, what would you call it?” That’s easy.

You Can Only Have One Thing

It kills me when I go in a restaurant and they have a ton of things on their menu and hundreds more combos. Our local Chinese place has close to 200 items on their menu!

Really? I’m not sure you can keep fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit on hand for that many combos. Why would you want to try?

We have another joint that serves fish. Fried fish. Not broiled, sautéed, grilled, or sushied. Fried. Period. Now you can choose whole or filleted. Sides? Fries, baked potato, slaw, hushpuppies, onions. That’s it. Their only other items are fried shrimp, and chicken fingers for the kidlets.

They do so much business you can’t get in the parking lot. I’ll bet they turn a pretty hefty profit, too.

I said all that to say that I think the best way to make money in the restaurant biz is to follow the KISS philosophy–Keep It Simple Stupid.

What would I serve? Chili. Literally one dish, or bowl as it were.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Here are a few window shots I took this week.

Horses seen through a window of leaves.

My view this evening through my car window into the side mirror.

Car window reflections.

Fall colors in the rain as seen through my car window.

Nice project for the week. I’ve enjoyed this one.