Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Family of Hens & Chicks & Grandgirls


Photo Challenge: Texture

Chestnut Burr

This week’s Photo Challenge is Texture, so my first entry is of a chestnut burr. They always remind me of my grandparents because they had two huge trees in their yard. I have fond memories of picking up chestnuts in my grandmother’s basket that I still have. I have not so fond memories of the stickers piercing my feet!


These feathery plants vex my daughter, but I think they are pretty.

Black & White Oak Tree Bark

Several of the texture images are tree bark.

Metal Stair

This image is a metal stair step on an outside staircase.

Pecan Tree Bark

The texture of pecan tree bark is different from oak tree bark.

Water Texture

Water over stone is the texture of this image.

Lightening Bolt Bark

This is the coolest image of texture, I think. It looks like a lightening bolt strike, or peacock eyes, or even a hiking stick. Nice.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

When the weekly photo challenge popped up as being flowers, I was very happy because I love flowers. However, I soon realized that the people who picked the theme at this time of the year must live in California.

You see, it’s August in Alabama, and most of the flowers are fried. I know it’s August in California, too, but I’ll bet it’s just perfect weather for a riotous display of flowers there.

Undaunted, I set out looking for flowers. Mostly all I can see now is green–lots of green. I found a few, and I’m also including some of my favorite Spring flowers that I photographed earlier this year.

Dutchman's Breeches

Dutchman’s Breeches is my favorite wildflower. I think the shape of them is very unique. They are fleeting bloomers in the very early Spring–anywhere from late February to early April here.


The color and fragrance of lilacs make them another fave. I thought I had died and gone to heaven the year we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the whole town was awash in blooming lilacs. The smell was out of this world.

I don’t know the name of these little purple-speckeled flowers, but they look pretty.


These petunias are still beautiful, but most are crispy by now.


Portulaca thrives better in the Alabama heat better than most, so we plant them every year. Thanks to DH’s TLC, they bloom through the summer.

Cardinal Flower

I didn’t know the name of this Cardinal Flower until I looked it up. We spotted this one on a recent geocaching outing.

Wildflowers in the woods are great, and so are all the others!