Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Family of Hens & Chicks & Grandgirls

Photo Challenge: Path

When I saw this photo challenge, I knew exactly which paths I would photograph. I love the trails that wend through the woods nearby. I’ve spent many hours on them, and I need to spend many more.

This is my favorite path/trail because it dips down into a ravine and then winds up rock staircases past a riotous display of wildflowers in the Spring.

This path’s bridge rises over a babbling stream that empties into the river where people are always fishing.

When the fisherpeople need a new location, they follow this path to a better fishing spot.

A path/trail bending into the woods exemplifies why I love hiking them so much–I just never know what I might see just around that bend.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Looking up is what most people don’t do, so this is a fun challenge. I probably would have had more interesting photos, however, if I had been in Washington, D.C. When I’ve been there, my neck hurt from looking up so much.

Here’s some of what I saw locally:


I got lucky catching this hummer in the frame.

Occasionally, an airplane flies over my house like this one did.

Hackberry Tree

We are still waiting for the leaves to turn in Alabama. This Hackberry tree has housed hundreds of Cedar Waxwings at a time.

I decided to look up while I was pumping gas.

Very cool light fixture at Rosie’s Cantina.

A different perspective of the ceiling at Rosie’s.

Look up! Who knows what you’ll see?