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Farewell 2011

I started this blog on July 31st of this year, and I’ve posted one almost every day since. I’ve certainly enjoyed the experience, and I intend to continue the blog next year as well. The year 2011 has been good. … Continue reading

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Christmastime Is Here

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas–at my house anyway. Thanks to The Christmas Queen aka daughter #1 (the only daughter), the decorations are up, the tree is trimmed, and presents are being wrapped even as I write this. … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday Maze Madness

Cyber Monday has turned into a maze of madness for me. Shopping on Black Friday is a nightmare, but at least there are a limited number of stores you can actually get to. On Cyber Monday, the possibilities seem endless; … Continue reading

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Black Friday: Madness or Calmness?

I used to shop on Black Friday on occasion, but at some point in my life I decided that there wasn’t anything I wanted so much that somebody might snatch it out of my hands during the madness. I decided … Continue reading

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I Hate Halloween

I know that I’m treading on dangerous water here, but I really do hate Halloween. I hate the the ugly side of it–the blood, the guts, the witches, the yuk. It all started when my son was just a little … Continue reading

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