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Disappearing Skills: Maps

In one of my classes with my international students today, I was telling them about the dream trip DH & I took in 1999 to Yellowstone National Park. In the course of the conversation, they wanted to know how we … Continue reading

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Adventures in Geocaching, or How I Almost Impaled Myself

I went geocaching today. Normally, I usually just have fun, see some new sights, find a few caches, and DNF (did not find) a few more. Today’s adventure was a tad different. Exiting the car, I focused on following the … Continue reading

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I Put It Where I Could Find It, But Where Is It Now?

You know how it is–you have something that’s important, so you put it somewhere safe where you will be able to find it. Well, guess what? I can’t find it. The “it” I’m looking for is a little gold box … Continue reading

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What is it? Oh my. It’s wonderful. Magical. Adventuresome. Unexpected. Exciting. Surprising. Difficult. Easy. Awesome. Hard. Lovely. Hot. Cold. Perfect. Why on earth would anyone choose to geocache? I stumbled upon it in 2003 or thereabouts in an article of … Continue reading

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