Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Here are my submissions for the weekly photo challenge: between.

Between the rails and the horizon and sky.

A full moon between the road and the traffic lights.

Benchmark between a planter and a column at the courthouse.

The beach between the rails just after Christmas 2010.

A geocache between logs in the woods.

A road between the trees between the shadows.

A tombstone as viewed between a gate.


What I DID Do This Summer

The list for what I didn’t do this summer was pretty long, so I’m hoping that the list for what I DID do this summer can compete.

I did read this summer, just not so many books. I read a lot on the internet. A LOT.

I did watch TV, but not as much as I thought I would. In fact, many days I was at home all day and never turned it on.

I did spend time with my daughter.

I did spend time with my grandgirls.

We cooked some fun things from the FoodTV magazine.

We made a jigsaw puzzle cookie.

We made carrot cupcakes with homemade icing. See those candied carrot garnishes on the cupcakes? It’s important for you to know that it took about 40 minutes to make those!

We made chocolate chip banana bread.

We made peanut butter kiss cookies.

As a result of these fine confections, I did gain weight.

I did continue my Project 365 photos.

I did visit my sister, just not as much as I should have.

I did go geocaching.

I did go to a family reunion.

I did take naps.

I did go to The Smoky Mountains.

I did make some spiced almonds.

I did sit in my air conditioned house, blissfully avoiding the searing 100-degree heat.

I did go to the beach and watch my DH catch a shark. He always catches at least one casting from the shore.

At the end of the summer, I did start a blog. Summer 2011 was superb, and I think the dids far outweigh the did nots.

Geocaching & Ducks & Fake Snakes

Today’s geocaching adventure really started off right. This was our first stop.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but my caching buddy had DNF’d (didn’t find) it recently and wanted to go back and look for it again after getting info from the cache owner.

While she was poking around looking for it, a local police officer drove up wanting to know what we were doing. First cache of the day, mind you! Then, he said, “Geocachers, I’ll bet.”

What? Yep, he knew about it because he’s a geocacher, too. Whew! That certainly made our lives easier!

Later, we meandered around finding other caches, then these lovelies met us at one of the caches.

They were certainly looking for food, and we didn’t have a thing to feed them. The small dark one pecked on my foot at one point.

This ducky has beautiful markings on it.

After the duck encounter, we continued on and came across this:

Nothing quite like a fake snake to top off a great geocaching day!

Oh, I don’t know why that duck neck is in my title bar up there!


What is it? Oh my. It’s wonderful. Magical. Adventuresome. Unexpected. Exciting. Surprising. Difficult. Easy. Awesome. Hard. Lovely. Hot. Cold. Perfect.

Why on earth would anyone choose to geocache? I stumbled upon it in 2003 or thereabouts in an article of the local newspaper. At the time, a GPSr was so expensive, I could only dream of geocaching one day, but I fell in love at first read.

Then, a couple of years later my DH (dear husband) wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted either a mini trampoline or a GPS. He chose the latter because he thought I would hurt myself on the trampoline. Hmmm.

Yellow GPSr

Little did he know that on my second cache find I would practically do the splits on a muddy hill and cause pain to muscles I hadn’t felt in a while.

Anyhoo, that Christmas gift changed my life. I became obsessed with geocaching, and still am, really. I found a cache or caches almost daily then, and had a glorious time hiking in the woods on my way to find them. It made my hiking have a purpose. I loved it!

I still love it, but in a different way now. Due to knee problems and a dislocated elbow one winter, the hiking has been replaced with easier cache finds. However, I still love caching because even if the ones I find now are easy, many times they bring me to places I would never have visited otherwise.

Amish Buggy

Geocaches range in Terrain and Difficulty from 1/1 to 5/5, with 1 being the easiest, and 5 being the hardest. Do you want a walkup? That’s a 1/1? Do you like to rappel or snorkel? That’s a 5/5. I love caching because anybody can find a cache they love!

Caches wait for you to find them all over the world! If you don’t believe me, check out www.geocaching.com to start on the adventure of your life!


One of the nice things about road trips is the side road trips. GG#1 and I went to see the bison at LBL (Land Between the Lakes), and since we were so close, we went to see Superman in Metropolis, Illinois.

On the day we went, it was unfortunate that the museums and shops weren’t open. However, Superman reigned over the town in all his glory.

I got to be Supergirl.

After that short tour, we found a geocache by the river.

We ended the day at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Overall, an excellent day!

Land Between the Lakes Bison

Since we’re on the subject of bison, you should know that grandgirl #1 and I went to Land Between the Lakes last year just to see the bison. The bison population there lagged way behind that of Yellowstone, but still made me very happy since I could see them without driving 2,000 miles one way.

We got to see bison mommas and bison babies, and we saw many up close and personal.

We also had a standoff with a bison herd.

They won. We turned around and cruised the reserve to give them time to move along.

This bad boy rewarded us with his presence which made it worth the wait.

At LBL, we enjoyed other activities besides just looking at bison. We geocached, toured the museums, ate good food, and delved into pioneer history. I even got a new quilt.

We also saw lots of birds and even a bat at their nature center.

Someday I’d like to see bison in their full-on winter coat, but this trip we saw the summer molt complete with flies (lots of flies) swarming about the bison.

Funny thing about bison is that when you look at them, you think they are sloooow. Not. One of the stupid tourist tricks entails getting too close and then getting gored or trampled. Not a good idea.

When we were in Yellowstone, the rangers were yelling at tourists, “You’re too close to the bison!” because don’t you know that if you are on the paved walking trail, you’re safe. Ha! I don’t think so!

When you see a bison wallow

you think that they can’t move that fast, particularly out of a lying down position like that. Well, let me tell you that they can.

Anyway, you should go experience the roots of your Native American country by seeing bison whether in LBL or Yellowstone. They will take your breath away.