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10 Words the Teacher on Scrabble Thinks I Should Know

Playing online Scrabble with the Scrabble app on my iPhone challenges my brain which is very good, and one reason I like to play is the teacher component. Lord have mercy that teacher face provokes a variety of emotions in … Continue reading

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Disembodied Scrabble aka Words with Friends

I like Words with Friends. Really, I do. I like online Scrabble, too. But there’s something just a little weird and disjointed about these disembodied games with no human interaction. I get the concept of being able to play at … Continue reading

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My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps

I’ve been neck-deep in the iPhone app store all day, so after plowing through descriptions of dozens of apps, I wondered just what my favorites are that I use all the time. Here’s the list: Words with Friends–I currently only … Continue reading

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