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All I Wanted was a Salad

DH and I went to lunch today, and my only intent was to get whatever the restaurant’s special was and a small side salad from the salad bar. Simple, right? No, no, moosebreath. Apparently, at this particular establishment, getting a … Continue reading

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How To Cook a Big Ole Ham

Now I’ve cooked hams more or less successfully for years, but last year my sister hauled her leftover ham to the beach after Christmas, and DH loved it. We enjoyed this ham because we were staying together at a beach … Continue reading

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Almost Done

We are in the final stretch, heading for the the big day which for us is tomorrow. The presents are wrapped and bagged just waiting for the correct recipients to open them. Elf Yourself is done, and now we are … Continue reading

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Golden Eagle Syrup & My Daddy

My daddy has been dead a very long time. Since 1990, so how long is that? Wow, that’s 21 years. I can hardly believe it. In those 21 years, I’ve had a jar of Golden Eagle Syrup in my cabinet … Continue reading

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You Can Only Have One Thing

A recent autotopic that rolled through was “If you had a restaurant, what would you call it?” That’s easy. You Can Only Have One Thing It kills me when I go in a restaurant and they have a ton of … Continue reading

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Pot Luck Protocol

Everybody has been to a potluck–even you. Have you ever been to one where a person shows up with a dish that might feed two people when there are 20 people there to eat?That kinda makes me crazy. I mean, … Continue reading

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Corner Kitchen in Asheville, NC

I’ve always heard that when traveling, you should always ask a local where to eat. I try to do that sometimes and usually get good recommendations. We really hit the jackpot when we were in Asheville, North Carolina. We had … Continue reading

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