Christmastime Is Here

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas–at my house anyway. Thanks to The Christmas Queen aka daughter #1 (the only daughter), the decorations are up, the tree is trimmed, and presents are being wrapped even as I write this.

Honestly, if it weren’t for her, Christmas decor would more than likely be a bah-humbug affair around here. I love the way they look when they are up, but I know I’d never get around to putting them up. Also, I’m rather decor challenged in that when I try to decorate, what I do just looks all slopped up and thrown together. Oh, and DH’s big plan for wrapping a present is to throw a blanket over it! Together we make quite the decorating team, don’t we?

The Christmas Queen, on the other hand, is happily a first-born daughter which means that she can put decorations up and group items together in a way that would never even cross my mind. When she was hanging the ornaments on the tree, she was grouping them according to color, types, and shapes. Really? If I had been involved, they would have just been slapped up there any ole way. All she would let me do was hand her a few ornaments and hangers.

She’s been here for about four hours, so now she tells me I owe her about $200. Um, I don’t think so. We like having it made in the shade with our own personal Christmas Queen decorator.


Domestic Goddess: Fail

My new Southern Living┬ácame, reminding me of my continual failure as a domestic goddess. I have good intentions–really I do. You know they say that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I’m not paving the path quite that far, but I do have a problem with this good intention business.

Every October, I have good intentions of putting up festive fall-y decor, but somehow I just never get it done, or I get it done at the end of the season.

October 2011 Southern Living

Look at that gorgeous magazine cover. I mean, just look at it! I have brick front steps, but there is nothing on them but bricks. I used to have a Fall wreath, but I threw it away and haven’t replaced it yet. On my door hangs a red, white, and blue star wreath from the 4th of July.

I have fake Fall leaves to put in my flower bucket, but guess what’s in there right now? My fake Spring flowers. They are pretty, but I really need to change them out now.

DH has me pretty well pegged on stuff like this. When we plant things in the yard, he says to me, “You walk away and never come back–you don’t give anything a drink. You don’t come visit . . .” He is so right. (Head hanging in shame.) If it weren’t for him, nothing beautiful would grow around here.

The solution? DH already has mums growing in the back yard, and lucky for me he’s willing to keep them alive. So while I don’t have a Southern Living front entryway, I have beautiful flowers in the back thanks to DH’s willingness to revisit what he plants.

And I’m sure I’ll have the house decked out in completely beautiful Autumn decor in the next couple of days. Yeah, right.

Wicker Quest


See that picture? That’s my sister’s wicker. Well, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of my sister’s wicker.

She’s on a quest–a wicker quest. As my brother-in-law said, he’s learned that when she has decided she wants something, the quest commences!

So far, she has acquired a wicker rocker, ottoman, and lounger. She spray-painted them black.

She has purchased a couch, chair, and ottoman for a pretty decent price. So far she’s left that as-is.

Yesterday she drove to a house north of Nashville for her race-horse deal–a couch, a chair, an ottoman, and three end tables–all for $75. Now she’s in the process of painting it all black with oil-based house paint.

The woman is on a mission.

I’m not sure just how much wicker she’s going to get, but I’m pretty sure she has more that she needs right now.

Let’s recap. Here’s what she has so far:

1 Rocker

2 Couches

1 Lounger

3 Chairs

3 (maybe 4) Ottomans

3 (maybe more) End Tables

1 Baby Changing Table–Did I mention she’s a tad past the baby age?

2 Side Tables

1 Bookcase

2 Tissue Cover Thingys

2 (or more) Round Tables

1 Lamp

1 Wastebasket (I think)

I’m pretty sure my inventory list isn’t completely accurate, but I think she needs a little more, don’t you?

She says to let her know if you have any for sale!