Carrot Cake, Anyone?

So I’m leading this Acts of Kindness group at my church, and in an effort to find a different kind of act of kindness, I discovered that today is National Carrot Cake Day. Well, who knew such a day existed? As it happens, there are all kinds of weird National Days we are going to have fun with.

Yesterday I started my quest to purchase a carrot cake to give away. Turns out, finding a carrot cake is a tad more difficult than I thought it would be. One place used to have a huge, delicious, reasonably priced carrot cake, but they now have a much smaller, not as beautiful one for $17.98. Um, no. To the side were cupcakes with a couple of carrot cake cupcakes mixed in, but I wanted all carrot cake cupcakes.

Today, I called a local place, but carrot cake has to be special ordered. Hmmm. I’m thinking they should have had some for this National Carrot Cake Day.

I could have baked carrot cake or cupcakes at home like one of my more industrious group members did–way to go!–but that would have required baking. Didn’t happen.

Finally, I went to Publix and got the beauty you see above. To make it even better, when I was checking out, I asked the nice lady ringing it up if she liked carrot cake. She exclaimed, “I LOVE carrot cake, and this is the best!”

“It’s yours,” I said.

Of course she wanted to know why, so I told her it is National Carrot Cake Day, and I wanted her to have it. Her face beamed.

I love it when all the parts of an act of kindness come together so well.

Now go eat some carrot cake.


Cake or Pie?

Chocolate Cake

Why cake, of course–and chocolate cake at that. For me, the choice is a no-brainer. Take the luscious chocolate cake in the picture. My daughter made that for me all the way from scratch. It’s practically perfect just the way it is. The only way it is made absolutely perfect is by zapping a slice for just a few seconds in the microwave until the frosting is slightly runny and gooey and the cake is warm and extra chocolatey. Yum.

I think the only dessert worth the carbs and calories is absolutely chocolate cake.  Well, maybe not the only dessert . . .

Carrot Cake

Next on the hit parade of cake worth falling off the carb wagon for is carrot cake. Now, I’m not talking about just any ole carrot cake–I’m talking about slap-your-momma carrot cake like the one in the photo. Carrot cake that makes it worth it to cheat on your diet has freshly grated carrots, hand-shelled nuts (pecans or English walnuts, doesn’t matter which) and homemade cream cheese icing. 

Even homemade cupcakes like these qualify as diet deal breakers. Grandgirl #1 and I made these, and it is important for you to know that those pretty carrot strand garnishes on the top took 40 minutes to make!

Apple Cake

The last reason cake reigns supreme over pie is this fine example. I mean really, can you turn a pie into an Apple? I didn’t think so! This stunner was the groom’s cake at a wedding I attended. How cool is that? The brides’ cake was lovely, but this one took the cake. (You can groan now.)

So there you have it. Cake wins.