My Top 7 Current Must See TV Shows

I’m sure this is an auto-topic that WordPress sent out long ago that I never quite got around to writing about, but I’ll take a stab at it today. They suggested 5, but I’ve ended up with 7.

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    The Big Bang Theory–I love this show so much that I have it set to record on three–count ’em–3 different channels. I love the vocab challenge in each episode, and I equally love the daffiness of Penny. Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Bernadette round out the nerdfest in a most comedic manner. If you are one of the four people on the planet not tuned into this show yet, I suggest you get ongeekboard immediately.

  2. The Middle–Welcome to dork central complete with boring mom and dad, wannabe macho boy, hopelessly dorky teen girl, and booknerd little boy. It’s dysfunction pallooza that always makes me laugh.
  3. American Idol–Steven Tyler saved the day for American Idol. He’s funny and frank all at the same time. And when a killer contestant comes on, he closes his eyes, tilts his head, and we all know we are listening to great talent. Randy and JLo even it all out, and this show proves that there is still great talent to be mined from obscure America.
  4. 1,000 Ways To Die–Actually, this is a show I record and really mean to watch, but it’s gotten too bloody for me. I love the show because it can show you how not to die, but I don’t want to have bad dreams after watching it.
  5. The Biggest Loser–They lost the girl, Anna, which is great. I keep watching this show in the hopes that it will rub off on me one day and magically melt off my excess pounds. To date, this has not happened.
  6. English: The cast of Rocket City Rednecks
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    Rocket City Rednecks–I love this one in part because it is set in my neck of the woods, but also because they truly are local geeks showing how to build stuff. I just pray they don’t kill themselves in the process. I hope they are picked up for another season.

  7. Parenthood–Gotta love anything with Craig Nelson in it. I also really like Peter Krause. He was one of the reasons I loved Dirty Sexy Money (as well as Donald Sutherland being on it), but I digress. This show embodies all the angst of ThirtySomething from the late 1980s.

I won’t even go into the depths we have sunk with Bayou Billionaires and My Redneck Vacation.  In addition, WWE remains DH’s domain.

So there you have it–my top 7 must see TV shows.


Time To Move On

Today I read an article in Wired Magazine entitled Time To Move On. The article talks about when it is time to leave something behind–in this case TV shows.

Now I learned many years ago that I could ditch a book I didn’t like, but I had never considered leaving a TV show that I have loved for years–one that had outlived its prime and that I could walk away from with a clear conscience.

After all, I hung in through the Dallas debacle of “Who Shot J.R.?” only to find out in their final episode that it was all a dream. What a cop out.

While I was reading the article, I knew which series I had to cut loose. The Office. Gasp. It’s hard to say because I’ve loved this show for a long time.

I saw the handwriting on the wall when Steve Carrell said he was leaving the role of Michael Scott, but I didn’t want to believe it. I was pretty sure the show couldn’t survive without him, but I foolishly held out hope.

I suffered through the episodes trying to find Michael’s replacement. I watched glassy-eyed as they presented Robert California, the most boring replacement alive, to try to fill the office manager’s shoes. They set him up as the CEO. Fail.

I watched more painful episodes where they tried to make Andy, of all people, the office manager. Add to that the ongoing non-drama between him and Erin, and more yawns were guaranteed.

Let’s not forget the boring decline of Jim and Pam. Now they are a run-of-the-mill married couple, and Pam is constantly pregnant. Don’t get me wrong–I’m all in favor of a happy marriage–it just doesn’t make for entertaining TV.

Did I mention that they let Kathy Bates slip out of their hands? Too bad. She might have saved the show.

Tonight I watched my last episode of The Office. It certainly wasn’t the last episode of the series, but I put myself out of my misery when I canceled the series on my DVR scheduler. I know it is time to move on.

Darth Vader Junior

Star Wars - Darth Vader
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My DH’s current favorite commercial is the Volkswagen one with Darth Vader Junior hard at work trying to get his Jedi powers to work.

He can’t get the washer and dryer to come to life.

He can’t get the doll to explode. He drops his head after that attempt. Bless his heart.

Dad comes home, and DVJ runs out waving dad off. Arms outstretched to the VW, he tries The Force and fails. One more try.

Success! You can see the excitement, shock, and disbelief through the black plastic Vader mask. Ha!

The best part? Dad’s eyebrow lift. Perfect!

Hell’s Kitchen

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Hell’s Kitchen is my current favorite TV program, but I gotta tell you –the Elise situation is driving me crazy!! Good heavens! Why on earth would Gordon Ramsay keep her on the show week after week after miserable week?

I’ll tell you why. Or at least I’ll tell you why I think why. She is the ultimate drama queen and is injecting misery and conflict into every show. Without her, I suppose Ramsay thinks that sweating in the kitchen will be entirely too bland.

Humph. Perhaps, but I am soooo tired of her antics. I know, I know–it’s television and sparks must fly for viewers to tune in. But really, don’t you think maybe Will and Paul could mix it up a little? What about Tommy? He has that goofy act going to the point that he could surely replace Elise for an episode or two. I’m pretty sure Hell’s Kitchen would be heaven without Elise.

The women are being knocked off one by one, and sad to say, you-know-who is the only female still standing. Ugh.

At this point I’m almost hoping that she ends up being the head chef at BLT. It would serve Gordon Ramsay right for stringing her along just to up the drama.