Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Last week the challenge was Ready, and I posted the beautiful about to pop and bloom Tulip Tree buds.

Well, here’s the Regret that they said, “Me First!!!!”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Here are my submissions for the weekly photo challenge: between.

Between the rails and the horizon and sky.

A full moon between the road and the traffic lights.

Benchmark between a planter and a column at the courthouse.

The beach between the rails just after Christmas 2010.

A geocache between logs in the woods.

A road between the trees between the shadows.

A tombstone as viewed between a gate.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting for The Civil Wars Concert

When I was waiting to get in The Civil Wars concert, who knew I was waiting to see a duo that would be nominated for two Grammys before the year was done?

The Civil Wars

Did they know they would be waiting to hear their names called for so many nominations in the near future?