All I Wanted was a Salad

DH and I went to lunch today, and my only intent was to get whatever the restaurant’s special was and a small side salad from the salad bar.

Simple, right?

No, no, moosebreath. Apparently, at this particular establishment, getting a salad from the salad bar is a gigantic nut-roll complete with multiple prices.

“I want the salad and half sandwich, no bread.”

“Ma’am, you can’t have the salad bar with that. You see, it’s a special, and you can only get the side salad.”

“I don’t want the side salad. I want the salad bar.”

“You can’t get that.”

“Okay. I’ll get this other lunch special that comes with two vegetables, but I don’t want the vegs–just a small salad from the salad bar.”

“You have to get the two vegetables, and the salad will be $3.99 extra.”

“Really? That much? How much if I just get the salad bar?”


“Um, no.”

“Let me check on the salad price.”

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

“You can get the chicken, and the salad will be $1.59 instead of $5.99.”

“Okay, I’ll take that.”

I’ve now heard four different prices for the same salad bar. I get up and go to get my salad, and guess what? The lettuce is mostly brown.



When I get back to the table, DH tells me that the server has come back asking what kind of salad dressing I want. He tells her that I have gone to the salad bar.

When she brings his “side salad,” there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between his salad and mine.

So I ask you–What is the deal with the pricing on the salad bar? I honestly don’t get it.

To top it off, when she brought our bill to us, she threw it on the table. Oh yes, that’s the way to do it! Also, we got a bill for a fish basket, grilled chicken, and turnip greens, obviously intended for the table next to us.

They paid for ours. We were going to try to correct the error, but the server never looked our way again.

We paid for our fish and chicken that was the bill of the other table and left. I figure since the other table paid for ours and we paid for theirs, it came out even for the restaurant, but we never did find out the actual price charged for the salad.

Who knew that salad could be so complicated?


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