Caught in a Tornado!

Caught in a Tornado!

Today I was sitting at my desk, trying to finish up grading, when I heard that baseball-sized hail was headed my way. Thinking that I could get home ahead of it, I grabbed my stuff and hurried to my car.

It was raining when I left, with blue skies in front of me. No problem. I can stay in front of the front and all will be well.

Not when I get stopped for the full rotation of at least three lights.

The hail started first. Then, the blinding rain. Since I could still see blue skies, I thought that surely I could make it home.


At one point I was totally engulfed by driving winds and blinding rain. I thought the car was going to be lifted off the road. I was scared.

When it was clear to me that I was in a tornado—sometimes I’m a little slow—I pulled into the parking lot of a local restaurant. I was afraid to get out of the car because I might get blown away since I still thought the car was going to lift off.

I was praying like crazy.

Then, a little bitty woman ran in front of my car and into the restaurant. Shoot. I figured if the wind wasn’t blowing her away, I’d be okay since I’m about twice her size.

I walked as fast as I could into the restaurant, and in the 10 feet I walked, my clothes and hair were completely soaked. After feeling that wind, I now understand how people’s clothes are ripped off of them in a tornado.

I didn’t think I was that scared, but after I got inside I started shaking all over. I could hardly control my hands enough to text my husband that I was all right.

Just like that, it was over. The skies cleared, and I drove home.

Here’s what I saw after the storm:

It’s supposed to be a rough afternoon and evening. Here’s hoping we don’t get hit again.

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14 Responses to Caught in a Tornado!

  1. jason says:

    glad you made it to safety!

  2. Terri says:

    So glad you finally made it home safely – please don’t try to out run a storm like that again!

  3. Jessie says:

    Wow! How terrifying! Glad you made it! Be careful out there!

  4. Wow. What a scary experience. I’m glad you made it to safety. TN got hit pretty hard – we were fortunate with no loss of lives. I hope the tornado season is a very short and less damaging one. Take care!

  5. Touch2Touch says:

    What an incredible experience. Frankly, that is my worst nightmare since childhood. I salute you for keeping your head, calm, and life.
    Pretty extreme way to get a blog post! Next time, do something calm like a photo of a daffodil.

  6. How frightening! Glad you were OK. The sky is always so beautiful after a terrible storm though.

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