Seriously WordPress?

The last two blogs I have tried to write (on the same topic) have disappeared into thin air even after I’ve save them.

The first one I wrote on my phone, and the second one I wrote tonight on my desktop. And yes, I saved them.

What’s the deal????!!!!!

500 words disappearing into thin air is not cool.

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6 Responses to Seriously WordPress?

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    Oooh, yikes! I write mine in word then copy and paste. Consider trying that! Not as convenient, but I hit save often too… Uber paranoid about losing the words and I only write 365!

  2. rolandmann says:

    I always use Word.
    Have never lost one.
    Chalk it up to livin’ and learnin’
    but losing words is NOT cool!

  3. LWSpotts says:

    That happened to me once. So frustrating…1000 words lost. Gah!!

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