Randomly Kind

This is Random Acts of Kindness Week, so in the spirit of things, I’m trying to be randomly kind.

Yesterday, I was not so kind to DH because I forgot it was Monday which means I forgot it was WWE night, and I hogged the remote control making him endure such things as The Big Bang Theory reruns, The Voice, and Storage Wars. I’m sure he didn’t mind Storage Wars, but for him WWE would have been better.

I did score a kindness act when I picked up GG#1 and brought her to my house to make Valentine cookies for her friends.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

Image via Wikipedia

I extended that kindness into today when I took the extra cookies we baked to my colleagues, completed with a heart-shaped chocolate and dorky Valentine card stapled to the Ziploc bag.

I failed in the random kindness today at lunch when I griped to DH about the server taking away my lemon wedge that I had set aside for later use when my water would be refilled.

I scored in random kindness this evening when the pizza guy brought the delivery for the grandgirls. Actually, ordering pizza for them should amp me up on the kindness meter in and of itself. Anyway, I gave him more than the delivery tip they had factored in, and I gave him four yummy chocolate hearts. He really did seem to appreciate them.

I’ve done the random acts of kindness/pay it forward things in the past, but I always drift away from it. Why? Who knows? I really like doing it.

If you want to participate, you can go to Random Acts of Kindness for ideas–anything from leaving 10 bucks on a gas pump to letting go of any number of things that bother you. Or, you can do a search on it and get more suggestions than you can ever fulfill.

Even though doing random kind acts for a lifetime is the best, just doing them for this week is a fabulous start.


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