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Having the number of children I do, once disclosed to anyone usually results in total shock. Either after they have fallen over in disbelief, (or written me off as some real freak) some of them are actually able to compose themselves enough to eyeball me head to toe. I am then treated to the usual remark “you do not look like you have had 9 kids.” Nice. What exactly do you mean? Apparently “looking” like one has had children automatically means that you are “fat”, “tired” and “old” looking (they should meet my husband). Who knew? Why would anyone want to have children if that is how you are supposed to look afterwards? No wonder the population growth in Canada is at an all time low. I have developed answers back to many of the bratty (if not down-right rude) comments I regularly attract parading around in society with some…

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Seriously WordPress?

The last two blogs I have tried to write (on the same topic) have disappeared into thin air even after I’ve save them.

The first one I wrote on my phone, and the second one I wrote tonight on my desktop. And yes, I saved them.

What’s the deal????!!!!!

500 words disappearing into thin air is not cool.

The Beach Boys, GG#1, & Me: 2001

Seeing The Beach Boys on the Grammys brought back some great memories for me.

As a child of the ’60s, I have listened to The Beach Boys all my life. I’m sure my first exposure was through my sister who is 10 years older than me (“I” if you are an English teacher reading this). Of course, I dumped them in favor of The Beatles as soon as I heard Paul sing, but The Beach Boys’ music resonated throughout my life.

Therefore, when I found myself in Southern California in 2001, and I heard that The Beach Boys were going to be performing at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar while I was there, I knew I had to go see them.

The Beach Boys (left to right): Carl Wilson, D...

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Never mind that Brian Wilson and a couple more of the boys weren’t going to be singing. I HAD to go. Period.

Luckily it was a fair, after all, and I had grandgirl #1 as an excuse to go. Mind you, she was only 3 at the time, but a fair is a fun time even for a tot. She got to ride rides, and I got to see and hear music icons.

Believe it or not, I actually got in trouble with the parental units for keeping her out too late that night. We were out all the way past 9 p.m. Have you ever been in trouble for staying out that late at age 45? 😀 I knew crossed arms would meet me at the door, but I really didn’t care. The grandgirl and I were going to be able to say what most folks from Alabama could never say–we had seen and heard The Beach Boys live in concert. I knew she would never remember it, but I also knew I always would.

Randomly Kind

This is Random Acts of Kindness Week, so in the spirit of things, I’m trying to be randomly kind.

Yesterday, I was not so kind to DH because I forgot it was Monday which means I forgot it was WWE night, and I hogged the remote control making him endure such things as The Big Bang Theory reruns, The Voice, and Storage Wars. I’m sure he didn’t mind Storage Wars, but for him WWE would have been better.

I did score a kindness act when I picked up GG#1 and brought her to my house to make Valentine cookies for her friends.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

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I extended that kindness into today when I took the extra cookies we baked to my colleagues, completed with a heart-shaped chocolate and dorky Valentine card stapled to the Ziploc bag.

I failed in the random kindness today at lunch when I griped to DH about the server taking away my lemon wedge that I had set aside for later use when my water would be refilled.

I scored in random kindness this evening when the pizza guy brought the delivery for the grandgirls. Actually, ordering pizza for them should amp me up on the kindness meter in and of itself. Anyway, I gave him more than the delivery tip they had factored in, and I gave him four yummy chocolate hearts. He really did seem to appreciate them.

I’ve done the random acts of kindness/pay it forward things in the past, but I always drift away from it. Why? Who knows? I really like doing it.

If you want to participate, you can go to Random Acts of Kindness for ideas–anything from leaving 10 bucks on a gas pump to letting go of any number of things that bother you. Or, you can do a search on it and get more suggestions than you can ever fulfill.

Even though doing random kind acts for a lifetime is the best, just doing them for this week is a fabulous start.