Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cup–if you haven’t heard this song by Toby Keith, I’m guessing you live under a rock somewhere, or else you are a total non-country music fan.   Red Solo Cup Video. I understand if you aren’t. I hated country music forever until it turned into ’70s rock music.

I’ve used Red Solo Cups for years, but not in the party hardy scene depicted in the aforementioned video.

Others, however, have as evidenced by a spectacle we witnessed recently at the beach.

It was 11:30 A.M.–as in the morning. That’s right. Morning. We were eating lunch at Sea-N-Suds in Gulf Shores, Alabama, when this 60ish woman comes rolling into the place sporting her Red Solo Cup. In her snahkered state, she made her way from table to table meeting and greeting various diners.

Did I mention that her pants were unzipped? Lovely. I think she should have left her cup at home.

I think I’ll adopt the Red Solo Cup habit. Not.

I’ll still drink out of them because like Toby, I’ve seen them in blue, and I’ve seen them in yellow, but red is the only color for me. But now everyone will think I’m drunk. Great. Just great. BTW, I’ll have water in mine.

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