Grossness in Words with Friends

I didn’t mean to be gross in Words with Friends. Really I didn’t. But there it was–the gross word just staring at me with lots of points in its eyes. How could I resist?

The problem was that I would be playing this particular gross word against my darling daughter–the very one who taught me the disgusting word. I’m very sorry she ever had to know what the word meant, but she learned it on her very first job.

There it is–PARVO. Now it was great getting 70 points for that word, but I’m still sorry for the images I’m sure it dredged up in her mind. I don’t have the images because I’ve never had the displeasure of cleaning up after animals at the vet.

In case you don’t know, parvo is, according to the dictionary, “a highly contagious febrile virus disease of dogs that is spread especially by contact with infected feces, that is caused by a strain (Canine parvovirus) of the parvovirus causing panleukopenia in cats, and that is marked by loss of appetite, lethargy, often bloody diarrhea and vomiting, and sometimes death.”

All I know is that she would come home talking about that “bloody mess” she would have to clean up when she was at work. Yuk.

Therefore, I do apologize to my DD for throwing that awful word her way.

Oh, the outcome of the game is still unknown since it is in progress. Hopefully, I’ll win!



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