Grading Season is Over

Grading season is over for me. At the end of every eight weeks the grading crush is on and oh my–what an intense time that is.

It’s hard for me as a teacher and for my students.

The students have more tests to take, and I have more papers to grade. I have to catch up on grading papers, recording grades, and making final determinations on adjustments.

Happily I don’t have to average grades anymore. I left behind manual averaging years ago in favor of an Excel spreadsheet. Now, I have a school-supplied grade book that makes what used to take hours into a practically effortless venture now that I’ve learned to use it.

Even with the ease of automated averaging, I still have that intense final-grading-crunch-time that I still haven’t found a way around. The end of every eight weeks and/or semester offers up the same crush.

Happily though, the grading season is over until next semester.

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