Time To Move On

Today I read an article in Wired Magazine entitled Time To Move On. The article talks about when it is time to leave something behind–in this case TV shows.

Now I learned many years ago that I could ditch a book I didn’t like, but I had never considered leaving a TV show that I have loved for years–one that had outlived its prime and that I could walk away from with a clear conscience.

After all, I hung in through the Dallas debacle of “Who Shot J.R.?” only to find out in their final episode that it was all a dream. What a cop out.

While I was reading the article, I knew which series I had to cut loose. The Office. Gasp. It’s hard to say because I’ve loved this show for a long time.

I saw the handwriting on the wall when Steve Carrell said he was leaving the role of Michael Scott, but I didn’t want to believe it. I was pretty sure the show couldn’t survive without him, but I foolishly held out hope.

I suffered through the episodes trying to find Michael’s replacement. I watched glassy-eyed as they presented Robert California, the most boring replacement alive, to try to fill the office manager’s shoes. They set him up as the CEO. Fail.

I watched more painful episodes where they tried to make Andy, of all people, the office manager. Add to that the ongoing non-drama between him and Erin, and more yawns were guaranteed.

Let’s not forget the boring decline of Jim and Pam. Now they are a run-of-the-mill married couple, and Pam is constantly pregnant. Don’t get me wrong–I’m all in favor of a happy marriage–it just doesn’t make for entertaining TV.

Did I mention that they let Kathy Bates slip out of their hands? Too bad. She might have saved the show.

Tonight I watched my last episode of The Office. It certainly wasn’t the last episode of the series, but I put myself out of my misery when I canceled the series on my DVR scheduler. I know it is time to move on.


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