Christmastime Is Here

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas–at my house anyway. Thanks to The Christmas Queen aka daughter #1 (the only daughter), the decorations are up, the tree is trimmed, and presents are being wrapped even as I write this.

Honestly, if it weren’t for her, Christmas decor would more than likely be a bah-humbug affair around here. I love the way they look when they are up, but I know I’d never get around to putting them up. Also, I’m rather decor challenged in that when I try to decorate, what I do just looks all slopped up and thrown together. Oh, and DH’s big plan for wrapping a present is to throw a blanket over it! Together we make quite the decorating team, don’t we?

The Christmas Queen, on the other hand, is happily a first-born daughter which means that she can put decorations up and group items together in a way that would never even cross my mind. When she was hanging the ornaments on the tree, she was grouping them according to color, types, and shapes. Really? If I had been involved, they would have just been slapped up there any ole way. All she would let me do was hand her a few ornaments and hangers.

She’s been here for about four hours, so now she tells me I owe her about $200. Um, I don’t think so. We like having it made in the shade with our own personal Christmas Queen decorator.

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