Farewell 2011

I started this blog on July 31st of this year, and I’ve posted one almost every day since. I’ve certainly enjoyed the experience, and I intend to continue the blog next year as well.

The year 2011 has been good. I hope yours has been, too.

I pray great blessings for all of you for 2012, and for my family.

Happy New Year!


Bypass Rant

Can I just say how peeved I get at the whole bypass situation around cities? They build a bypass to bypass all the traffic snarl and then proceed to build malls, restaurants, and grocery stores on said bypass.

Oh, and after they build all that, they install about five thousand traffic lights complete with turn signals. Just when I think I might be able to detour around a municipality, I find myself sitting through the complete rotation of each and every light.

Sheesh… That’s all.

I Put It Where I Could Find It, But Where Is It Now?

You know how it is–you have something that’s important, so you put it somewhere safe where you will be able to find it.

Well, guess what? I can’t find it.

The “it” I’m looking for is a little gold box that houses my polarizing filter for my camera. I have looked everywhere for it except for where it is.

Now in my search, I have found another item I was looking for and one that I wasn’t.

I found the lens cap for my lens, and I really needed to find that.

I also found a Christmas gift much in the manner of Clark Griswold; however, this one was for this year, so it didn’t have dust on it. Fortunately, I’ll be able to use it for an upcoming birthday gift.

It would be swell if I could find the little gold box before morning, but I’m not holding my breath. I do have an alternative to house the lens cover.

I guess I just don’t understand why if I put something where I can find it, when I need it I can’t find it.

Since I’m a geocacher, I think I’ll just start marking the coordinates in my GPS when I put something in a safe place again.

Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cup–if you haven’t heard this song by Toby Keith, I’m guessing you live under a rock somewhere, or else you are a total non-country music fan.   Red Solo Cup Video. I understand if you aren’t. I hated country music forever until it turned into ’70s rock music.

I’ve used Red Solo Cups for years, but not in the party hardy scene depicted in the aforementioned video.

Others, however, have as evidenced by a spectacle we witnessed recently at the beach.

It was 11:30 A.M.–as in the morning. That’s right. Morning. We were eating lunch at Sea-N-Suds in Gulf Shores, Alabama, when this 60ish woman comes rolling into the place sporting her Red Solo Cup. In her snahkered state, she made her way from table to table meeting and greeting various diners.

Did I mention that her pants were unzipped? Lovely. I think she should have left her cup at home.

I think I’ll adopt the Red Solo Cup habit. Not.

I’ll still drink out of them because like Toby, I’ve seen them in blue, and I’ve seen them in yellow, but red is the only color for me. But now everyone will think I’m drunk. Great. Just great. BTW, I’ll have water in mine.

What Was I Thinking?

Today, December 27th, I foolishly went to the court-house to pay my property taxes. For some reason I thought I would waltz in, pay the clerk, and be on my merry way.

Um, no. There were at least 70 people in line. I started to walk to the end of the line, announced that I thought I could find a better way to handle this, asked the clerk (my husband’s cousin) if all would be well if my submission were postmarked by Dec. 31st.

He said, “Yes.”

I told him that was what I was going to do.

He said, “Good idea.”

Guess what? The check is in the mail.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Here are my submissions for the weekly photo challenge: between.

Between the rails and the horizon and sky.

A full moon between the road and the traffic lights.

Benchmark between a planter and a column at the courthouse.

The beach between the rails just after Christmas 2010.

A geocache between logs in the woods.

A road between the trees between the shadows.

A tombstone as viewed between a gate.

How To Cook a Big Ole Ham

Now I’ve cooked hams more or less successfully for years, but last year my sister hauled her leftover ham to the beach after Christmas, and DH loved it. We enjoyed this ham because we were staying together at a beach house just after Christmas.

Since he liked it so much, he had me ask her how she made it. Here is her professional recipe:

Rub the ham with a mixture of mustard and brown sugar.

Cover the ham with pineapple slices.

Put cherries in the pineapple slices.

Stick cloves in the ham.

I asked her how long to cook it.

Start it at 450 for an hour; then, turn it down to about 225.

“So, how long do I cook it?”

“Until it smells done.”

Until it smells done?

And that is how to cook a big ole ham.

Here is my overcooked version this year.