Missing Segues, or the Trouble with Buying Single Songs

Since it’s officially the Christmas season, I pulled out my Christmas CDs and loaded them up in the car. After all, there’s nothing better to get you in the holiday mood than non-stop carols and seasonal songs swirling about your head.

My favorite Christmas CD of all is Amy Grant’s A Christmas Album. The first song is Tennessee Christmas which is just a nice, homey song. The next five songs are where the cool segues occur. The music flows perfectly from Hark! The Herald Angels Sing to Praise the King to Emmanuel to Little Town (of Bethlehem) to Christmas Hymn.

My favorite segue ever is from Emmanuel to Little Town. Totally cool.

Now it occurred to me as I was listening to her sing to me that people who download single songs and/or never buy a CD miss this musical magic. In fact, I wonder if CDs are even produced using segues anymore in this age of iTunes and one-song downloads.

When I was a DJ, one of our rites of passage was mastering the ability to fade out of one song or into another one without it sounding like a train wreck. I doubt that is necessary anymore. Pity. You haven’t lived as a DJ if you haven’t sweated bullets trying to pull that one off.

Another problem with buying single songs rather than CDs is that you might just miss a great song that never gets airplay. I’ve bought lots of CDs and have grown to love many songs that I have never heard played on the radio.

Try buying a whole CD sometime and see what you’re missing. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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