Black Friday: Madness or Calmness?

I used to shop on Black Friday on occasion, but at some point in my life I decided that there wasn’t anything I wanted so much that somebody might snatch it out of my hands during the madness. I decided to choose calmness.

Choosing calmness means that I didn’t have to get up at 3 in the morning to go shopping at 4 or 5. It also means that when the retailers decided to back it up to Thanksgiving night this year, I didn’t have to pull an all-nighter like I used to do when studying in college.

It means that I missed the man snatching the Hot Wheels thingy from a short lady’s hands and go skulking off with it. What kind of low-down loser does that?

It means that I missed seeing women scrapping with each other trying to get the object of their desire.

It means that I missed watching people rushing the pallets at 9:51 instead of waiting until 10:00 at Wally World like they were supposed to. And BTW, DH went there at lunch today, and there were still pallets full of the bargains. Go figure. I asked him why he didn’t buy it since it was there, and he said, “What do I need with that crap?” Wise, wise man.

Pepper spray Demonstration; U.S. Marine Corps ...

Image via Wikipedia

It means I missed the woman clearing the path for herself using pepper spray. You must be kidding me! Checkthisout

And then there are the drunks that I missed being tasered: Drunk Taser Story

Yep, I’m so sorry I missed all of  that.

I think I’ll choose calmness every year.


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