Makin’ 9 Lists–Checkin’ ’em Twice

9 Christmas Lists

In the photo there are really 9 lists, but you can only see 8. These lists make me happier than you can imagine because I usually don’t get them until much later. Now, I can start looking for these treasures with a whole 31 day advance.

The most fun lists, of course, come from the grandgirls.

One wants pifum (perfume). Her momma says no. She also wants makeup. I say no. (She’s 7.) She also wants a whole bunch of DS games. She doesn’t have a DS. Hmmm. A doll house tub & toilet? Strange, but can be arranged. A pink doll. Done.

Next up, more DS games, Littlest Pet Shop stuff, and Zoobles. Zoobles? What’s that?

Another one wants a singing Rudolph. Hmm. They already have one in their house, but she seems to need one that is all her own. She also needs fake makeup. Done.

Baby grandgirl wants Strawberry Shortcake dolls. No problem. Horses–done, as long as she doesn’t mean real ones. 😀 Rapunzel Barbie. Easy. American Girl doll–since she’s 5, she’s probably not quite old enough for that one.

My oldest grandgirl has moved past the toy stage. She wants boring stuff like clothes, shoes, jewelry, CDs,  PJs, hats, scarves, and an iTunes gift card. Most are doable, but I really hate to see her vault past that little girl stage.

As for the adult children, they have requested items such as DVDs, sweatshirts, tools, clothes, CDs, jewelry, shoes, jeans, cash, grilling stuff, socks, and gift cards.  You know–interesting stuff.

That’s okay. I learned a long time ago to give people what they want rather than what I want them to have.

I’m thrilled to have the lists in hand complete with colors and sizes. Let the quest begin!

Oh, and big shout out to my daughter for suggesting this to be my blog topic for today. Thanks!

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