The SEC Stars Aligned

This past weekend was a keeper in the annals of college football excitement. For the SEC West, the stars aligned to set up a top three sweep for the South.

We became aware that something was afoot Friday night when I saw a FB post mentioning Iowa State. We had watched some of the Oklahoma State/Iowa State game earlier in the evening, but had since moved on to other programming.

I looked at DH and said, “You might want to flip over to the Iowa State game and see what’s going on.”

He did, and sure enough, an upset of epic proportions was in the making. I mean are you kidding me? OSU was a 4 touchdown favorite! Iowa State managed to knock #2 off 37-31 in double OT. How about them apples?!

The Oregon Ducks were left quacking after USC kicked their #4 feathery tails off the field.

Baylor, in a most exciting game, knocked off Oklahoma for the first time in 21 meetings between the teams. Are you kidding me?

#7 Clemson got spanked 37-13 by unranked North Carolina State. Really?

Talk about fruit basket turnover. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like they say, “On any given Saturday . . . ”

How sweet to see that all rankers agree:

#1 LSU

#2 Alabama  ROLL TIDE ROLL!

#3 Arkansas

And it’s nice to see Nick smile, even if this is photoshopped.

This coming weekend will prove most interesting.

Alabama at Auburn in the Iron Bowl, a game that can never be predicted with certainty.

Arkansas at LSU in The Swamp.

We will be riveted to the screen this weekend for sure.

I’m hoping the stars will align for Alabama again.


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