Just Tape the Coupons to My Shirt, Lest I Forget

We went to Costco today, which in and of itself doesn’t sound like much, but I swear, I think I’m going to start taping coupons to my body so that I don’t forget to use them.

We specifically went to use the monthly coupons they send us, and we checked out without using a single one of them even after tearing them all out when we got in the store.

My sister and brother-in-law asked us what we bought when we went there, and we told them we usually got about $200 worth of stuff we don’t really need. Well, today the total was $235.10.

As soon as we paid, I remembered the coupons. The cashier lady referred us to the service desk to redeem them. She said lots of people do that. When we got to the service desk, I told the dude that the brain-dead customers were there who forgot to present the coupons at checkout. He assured us that we were not the first, nor would we be the last.

He proceeded to scan and check all the coupons, and said that we didn’t have the pita chips on the receipt. I pointed them out in the buggy, to which he informed me that they were the “wrong” chips. I had to get the plain. Really? Scratch that coupon.

After more scanning and checking by said dude, we walked away with $11.75 in cash from the coupons.

I must take a minute here to explain to you that we do not have a Costco in our town. We have to drive 70 miles to shop there. Why would we do such a thing? Because back in January we got snookered into buying their card. We had gone over there first of all to visit my sister and BIL, and we had a one-day shopping pass to get in. Therefore, we went in and shopped.

We got to the checkout, and they wouldn’t let us check out because we didn’t have a card. The pass we had only allowed us the privilege of entering the store and looking around–not actually buying any products that were the object of our desire.

I was pretty well torqued by then and was ready to leave, but DH decided we should cough up 50 bucks and get the card. Thus, we now must justify said card by frequenting their big box every month or two.

Now, here’s the best part. When we got home I reached in my purse and pulled out a coupon for mayo which was one of the items we specifically went for and did not use. Better yet, I then pulled out a three-dollar coupon for a product that we did buy and did not redeem the coupon for.

Are you kidding me? And for an item I would NEVER have bought without the coupon!

If you are ever in Costco and see a female wandering about with coupons stuck to her body, you’ll know you’ve found me. Follow me to the checkout and help me remember to hand the coupons over at the right time.


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