How Hard Is It To Get a Sandwich?

Last week I went to get a sandwich. Simple, right?

Apparently not.

When I went into the sandwich shop, I ran into my daughter and fam which turned out to be a good thing for me because I got to graze at their table. I ate half her sandwich and part of my oldest grandgirl’s chips.

After I finished, I got in line to order a sandwich for DH. There were six people in line in front of me and three behind me. I waited, and waited, and waited.

Then, something strange happened. The couple behind me got their order, and I was still standing there.

Next, the dude behind me got his sandwich. What?

Excuse me?

How did that happen?

For a change, I kept my mouth shut. When I finally got my order, I guess I took too long to take the receipt from the change-maker’s hand, and she threw my receipt on the counter. “Really?” I said to her. She just looked at me.

I took my order and left without thinking much more about it.

The next day I was eating the half of the sandwich DH didn’t eat, and it seemed strange to me that I was eating a turkey sandwich when I had ordered an Italian club. Did she put the Italian stuff only on his half?

I asked DH that night about his half of the sandwich. He said he only had turkey, too. He thought that’s what I had ordered.

I’m guessing I got the dude’s sandwich that was three behind me. Humph.

I hope whoever got my Italian club enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “How Hard Is It To Get a Sandwich?

  1. A few years ago, exhausted from Christmas shopping (it’s so tiring – one for them, one for me, one for them, two for me) – I entered the dreaded line at Starbucks. It took a very long time to give my order. Then I waited and waited and waited, as they called name after name to collect their order. The guy called, “Janet.’ “Janet”. No answer. He called a few more names. And then “Janet”, “Janet.” So I said, “Here I am,” and took the coffee. I’m Nancy, but I figure Janet gave up a long while earlier.

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