I Hate Halloween

I know that I’m treading on dangerous water here, but I really do hate Halloween. I hate the the ugly side of it–the blood, the guts, the witches, the yuk.

It all started when my son was just a little boy. We took him to a haunted house, and he came out terrified. I swore never again would I subject him to such a thing nor would I ever enter one again, and I didn’t. This was back in the ’70s when such things were tame compared to now.

My hatred of haunted houses was reinforced today when DH asked me if I had read the report today about the 17-year-old girl who hanged herself accidentally while working at a haunted house. The visitors to the house thought she was a prop. As of my last reading, they were hoping she would survive. How sad.

And for what? A few screams? You can read about it here.

OTOH, I like it when princesses, Supergirls, Jasmines, pumpkins, Mario, various animals, Spiderman and three Luigis show up at my door wanting candy. That is the innocuous, happy side to Halloween, and I like that part. The mischief part–not so much.

Additionally, I feel compelled to show up to work in some sort of Halloween attire, but being cheap, I won’t spring for a costume. Therefore, I Google “easy Halloween costumes” the night before and come up with some doozies like the following:

Apple Products Promoter

I love Apple Products which is why I showed up as a promoter.

A Scary Auburn Fan (I'm a Roll Tide Alabama Fan!)

I’m a ROLL TIDE! fan which is why I chose to be a scary Au-burn fan.

This year I came as an Iron Chef, complete with the Mario Batali orange/red Crocs.

See, I’m cheap, and I found the apron in my drawer, the iron on my bookshelf (it’s my grandmother’s BTW, and over 100 years old) and the Crocs on my back porch.

Anyway, I love the fun part of Halloween, but the dark side makes me hate it more.

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