My Lunchtime DeStress Zone: Topic #288

My autotopic of the day (as BrainRants calls it) is “Where is the most relaxing  place in your world?” For me, the answer is simple.

The River.

My DeStress Zone

In this photo, you are looking at my favorite lunchtime spot. I am so blessed that I can go here at least part of the time when it’s not too hot or too cold. My drive to relaxation is less that five minutes.

Fall and Spring definitely hold the greatest promise for relaxation at the river. Summer too humid and blazing hot, and Winter mostly freezes me out, although some days in winter border on perfect glimpses toward Spring.

Just getting out of the building I work in for 30 or 40 minutes, breathing fresh air, watching a barge float by, and seeing the water sparkle rejuvenate me in a quite wonderful way.

Some days, like today, I even get to watch a hawk soar overhead while having lunch with a friend.


5 thoughts on “My Lunchtime DeStress Zone: Topic #288

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