Weird Cold Weather Dressing

In Alabama, the season shift is a weird thing temperature-wise. When you leave in the morning, it can be 30ish and by noon anywhere from 70-85 degrees, causing some strange sights in attire worn by obviously confused people.

Here’s the sight I saw walking down the sidewalk the other day:

College female sporting Ugg boots, bare legs, short shorts, and a long-sleeved shirt with an oversized neckline draped off her left shoulder. (If you don’t know what Ugg boots are, just think ugly. Then, Google it.)

Said female had her arms wrapped around herself. No coat in sight. I guess she was cold.

Really? If you are going out with all that leg and shoulder showing, don’t act cold. I’m sure I don’t know style, but I do know good sense.

Oh, and the temperature was 45–I checked. Not shorts weather, but not Ugg boots weather, either.

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