215 Miles of Ironing

I was playing Qrank today (there’s an app for that) when an unbelievable stat popped up.

A woman will iron the equivalent of 215 miles in her lifetime.

WHAT? 215 miles of ironing??!! In whose world? Certainly not mine. I can assure you that I am going to come in waaaaaaay under that number in MY lifetime.

I do not iron. Well, on a rare occasion I will iron the wrinkles out of a pair of khaki pants, but I figure the invention of all these fabrics that can be washed and dried with no need to iron is a Godsend.

Why on earth would you buy something that requires ironing when a no-iron option is available?

This stat said the crazy ironing lady’s 215 miles will include clothes and other household items. Huh? Other household items? What is she ironing? Towels? Sheets? What? I can’t even imagine.

I truly don’t see the point in ironing most clothes unless you can stand up in your car until you reach your destination because your outfit is going to be all wrinkled by the time you get there anyway. I have heard tell of people hanging their outfits up and changing at a filling station right before they arrive at their destination, but I think that’s nuts.

Various antique irons.

Iron irons/Image via Wikipedia.

DH likes for his shirts to be crispy from 12 pounds of starch, but guess who presses them into that condition? Not me.

So, to those of you who are going to iron through 215 miles of fabric, iron on. I’m going to be doing something else.


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