Pot Luck Protocol

An Awesome Potluck Layout

Everybody has been to a potluck–even you. Have you ever been to one where a person shows up with a dish that might feed two people when there are 20 people there to eat?That kinda makes me crazy.

I mean, what are they thinking? Everybody knows, or should know, that when showing up at a potluck the food brought should equal about ten times more than you think can possibly be eaten. People will eat more at a potluck just because there is more food there.

Oh, and it had better be good food, too. Now I am just at the edge of the home-cooking generation. I’m as likely as not to bring KFC or Jack’s chicken fingers, but if you really want credit and max kudos, make something awesome from scratch. You just don’t get as much credit if it is store-bought or from a restaurant. Putting it on a plate from home won’t fool anybody, either.

Butter rolls are good. Awesome even. And no, I can’t make them, but I’ve had some. Oh my. That is some sugary, buttery lusciousness.

Scrumptious Fried Okra all the way from Scratch

Fried okra is excellent, too. Not the prepackaged, prebreaded kind. I’m talking cut it from the garden, cut it up your own self, dust it with cornmeal, and cook it in an iron skillet fried okra. Your Corning Ware dish will come home empty.

Your container coming home empty is the ultimate potluck compliment. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to bring a dish home with only a few spoonsful scooped out of it. Oh no. That will never do. In fact, that’s downright embarrassing. It’s almost better to bring nothing at all than to come home with a dish uneaten.

Homemade cornbread or Mexican cornbread is also good. Guaranteed to be scarfed down immediately.

Still Warm from the Oven Banana Pudding

The quintessential potluck dessert? Banana pudding still warm from the oven. If you want to be the star of the show, show up with enough of this memories-of-grandma treat and your name will be legend.

Whatever you bring, just be sure there’s enough.

4 thoughts on “Pot Luck Protocol

    • I think Jell-O salads must have fallen out of favor around here because I don’t see them much anymore. Fruit trays are too expensive to take home uneaten which is what usually happens to them. They don’t have the gooey deliciousness factor.

  1. This is a great post and what a spread! We see too many Jello-o salads here and if it is early summer, too many green bean casseroles. I guess they need to use up last harvest’s green beans. The gooey desserts are always a hit and the pan nearly licked clean.

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