5 Wacky Things I Still Eat

Reading BrainRants the other day got me to thinking about what wacky things I eat. Now you must understand that I don’t think most of these things are bizarre or freaky at all, but I will concede that you will probably think they are.

Popeye's Chicken Livers

Fried Chicken Livers–I like the ones I cook at home the best because I can cook them as long as I want. For me, perfect chicken livers are like rocks. Yum. The next best choice is Popeye’s, but it totally depends on who’s behind the counter as to whether or not I can get them close to cooked enough. They normally only cook them 3 minutes. What? Yuk! Who wants red chicken livers? Not me! If I can get them to go double the time to 6 minutes, that is okay, but perfect is triple the time at 9 minutes. I’ve only gotten them cooked that way once or twice there, but for me, that is the perfect cooking time for chicken livers.

Turnip Greens–with hot sauce of course. Not that red stuff, the vinegar variety. I can only eat them with cornbread, though. I can’t eat them without it.

Banana Sandwiches with Mayonnaise–I started eating these as a little girl. I rarely eat them now, but I still prefer them to banana and peanut butter sandwiches. However, I do like a banana split in half lengthwise with peanut butter smeared on the cut. Then, I put the halves back together, and that is like a sandwich with no bread.

Pork Rinds

Pork Rinds–in particular from Pop’s BBQ. Oh my. They are good.

Chicken Oysters–These are the lumps of meat on the back of the chicken. They are concentrated nuggets of flavor.

Milk and Cornbread–I know–this is #6. I rarely eat this anymore, either, but I still like it very much. My daddy would eat it with buttermilk, but that makes me scowl just thinking about it. I like mine with “sweet” milk–whole, not the low-fat variety. BTW, you eat milk and cornbread in a tall glass, not in a bowl in case you were wondering.

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