Wacky Things I Used To Eat But Don’t Anymore

Disclaimer–Do not read this if you do not have a sense of humor. I am not attacking anyone’s culture or cuisine. I do, however, have a right to express my opinion. 🙂

My tastes have changed over the years. Some things that I used to eat I just won’t anymore. Some foods I have tried and now that I’ve given them a chance won’t pass my lips again.

Here are a few:

Fried Chicken Hearts–Actually, I would love to still have these on my current eating list, but I haven’t seen any raw chicken hearts for sale in a grocery store in years.

I know you won’t believe it, but my consumption of these goes all the way back to my 16-year-old dating days with DH. I would buy a pint of raw chicken hearts at A & P, dip them in an egg/milk/salt/pepper mixture, dredge them in flour, then fry them. We would snack on them on the way to our picnic. Gross dating ritual, huh?

Runny Fried Egg Sandwiches on White Bread with a Mountain Dew–Why on earth would I eat that? I was pregnant, that’s why. I’ve never had this combo before or since my first pregnancy.

Escargot aka Snails–I let my brother-in-law talk me into trying these nasty things while we were visiting him in Atlanta. Food texture usually isn’t an issue with me, but these were like chewing on an eraser. Best I could figure out was that he liked the sauce because he certainly couldn’t have liked the snails. Bleah.

Sushi–I have tried to like sushi–really I have. I’ve even had some of the freshest you could get that was flown into Alabama for some Japanese people. Quite honestly, fresh raw fish has absolutely NO taste. None. Nada. Zip. So what’s the point? Best I can tell the Japanese are in love with soy sauce, and not just any soy sauce. It has to be Kikkoman. They won’t even talk about any other brand. I just don’t love it that much. And sashimi–don’t get me started. That’s what they really like. Piles of raw fish dipped in Kikkoman. Gag.

Çig Köfte–Ever heard of this stuff? I didn’t think so. Imagine if you will raw hamburger meat, onions, hot spices, and here’s the kicker–the “cooking” method. Turkish people love this stuff and they “cook” it with their hands. I don’t think so. Cooking requires heat. There is no heat involved with hand kneading. After “cooking” the köfte, they wrap the raw mixture in a lettuce leaf and eat it. Then they eat lots more of it. Yuk. Do a Google search and look at the images.

Now the Turkish folks do have another variation of çig köfte that I love–köfte. This is exactly the same thing as çig köfte except it is cooked–fried to be exact. Now we’re talking–fried meatloaf balls! Perfect! Heat applied to food is always good.

How’s that for a good start of wacky foods I’ve eaten?


6 thoughts on “Wacky Things I Used To Eat But Don’t Anymore

  1. I’m really weird about texture too. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stomach cooked onions or any other semi-slimy rubbery food like that.
    And even though I have no clue how to pronounce Çig Köfte, it kind of sounds weirdly amazing. Totally disgusting, but something that I really want to try just to cross off my bucket list. Well, first put it ON my bucket list and then cross it off. Ok, first START a bucket list and then put it on and then cross it off. *sigh* That all sounded better in my head…the end.

  2. I used to love sugary cereals like Trix and Lucky Charms, but for some reason I can’t stand them anymore. I’ve become quite boring with regards to my taste in cereal nowadays.

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