A Small Thing

Sometimes small things can mean a lot. This morning I was frantically looking for the polarizing filter for my camera lens. I can take photos without it, of course, but I’ve been experimenting with it lately, and it does help cut through the haze and brighten up colors.

I looked in bags. I looked in my purse. I pilfered through random piles of receipts scattered about the house. No luck.

Then, I prayed. Not a holy-sounding high church prayer–just a simple, “Lord, you know where that lens filter is, and I sure would appreciate it if you would help me find it.”

I went about my business and had about given up when it literally fell at my feet. A bag that I haul around random camera stuff in and that I thought was empty fell off the loveseat and onto my feet. I bent over, picked it up, and for some reason fished around in the bag.

My fingers wrapped around the plastic case with the filter in it. I half expected the case to be empty, but amazingly, the filter was in it!

Thank you, Lord! I don’t think I’ve ever had the answer to a prayer literally fall on my feet before.

What a small thing for a big God to concern Himself with. Isn’t that amazing?

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