I’m Going To Miss Books

Just Part of One Bookshelf

Really, I am. I am and have always been a book lover. Ask anybody. Ask my son and daughter who have spent hours impatiently waiting while I browsed dollar book sales. What you see on that bookshelf is just a small glimpse of the thousands of books that have passed through my hands.

I was walking through Sam’s Club today and I couldn’t help but observe that their book section is smaller than it was last year. “I’m going to miss books” was my thought as I passed by beckoning tomes. I’m acutely aware of why the tactile pleasure of flipping through books is slipping away from my hands.

The iPhone. The Kindle. The iPad. The Nook. iBooks. Kindle on the iPhone and iPad.

I will be the first to admit that reading a book in bed is much easier on my iPhone with iBooks. I can hold it with one hand. I don’t have to have a light on. I can adjust the backlight to my preference. I can make the text larger or smaller at will. I can look up any word instantly. What’s not to love?

Using the Kindle on my iPhone is almost as easy, but the only reason I ever choose it over iBooks is because they have a wider and larger book selection that iBooks.

I used to think a Kindle would be the very rankdom (a favorite term of my daddy’s), but the buttons are a pain in the patootie, and I have to have a light. It is awesome for reading on the beach, but that only happens once a year for me. The new Kindle with the touch screen has to be a great improvement.

All of these reading devices offer children’s books that are captivating since they will read to you and even animate themselves. I do love that advance in the technology, but what happens to the interaction of children and parents or grandchildren and grandparents when no human interaction is needed?

Little Golden Books

These Little Golden Books are favorites for several reasons. See the two on the right? My grandmother read those two copies to me. A Day at the Beach has always been my favorite. Mr. Meyer’s Cow was my oldest grandgirl’s favorite. Hansel and Gretel is my middle grandgirl’s favorite. And this version hasn’t been sanitized–the witch is still fattening Hansel up to eat him.

Oh, and as for A Day at the Beach, we always vacation at Alabama or Florida beaches in the summer. Therefore, I never really grasped the concept of spending a day at the beach. It is so blooming hot here in the summer that there is NO way to spend a whole day at the beach without dying of heat stroke. It’s more like a morning and evening at the beach with a midday retreat from the hotter-than-400-hells sun.

Then, several years ago I visited San Diego, California. Oceanside, CA, taught me what a day at the beach could be like. Really? I could stay at the beach all day long and not fry like a piece of bacon? I could sit in the sun without risking sun or heat stroke? I could get a golden tan instead of a dirty-looking tan? Oops, I digress.

Back to the books. I’m a tech lover at heart. I love gadgets with all my heart. I even love the wonderful world of book technology. But as much as I do, my heart will always belong to the physical hardback and paperback books. I’ll always prefer the smell of paper pages to plastic, metal, and glass devices.

An even if I did have a dust mite and parchment allergy problem like Niles Crane (which I don’t), I’d love books all the same.

I hope we don’t have to say goodbye anytime soon, but I suspect that within 10 years I’ll be having to explain to my great-grandchildren what those things are in the family photos.

8 thoughts on “I’m Going To Miss Books

  1. Ah, please don’t let books disappear completely! I fear the same thing though 😦 I love holding books – the feeling of turning pages. Even moreso, I love collecting books. They’re the best decorations and they hold such warm memories. Here’s to hoping everything doesn’t go digital

  2. As much as it seems as though books are going by the wayside, I don’t see it happening as quickly as many people seem to think it will. For one thing, paperback copies are still the same price as ebooks (at least with Amazon’s pricing). Also, books can take a little more wear and tear than any e-reader, if you were to drop a book or get it slightly wet you don’t need to worry about it no longer working.

    I understand that books are old and everyone seems to be jumping onto the bandwagon of the newest gadgets, but I don’t see books going away any time soon. I think there will always be a place for books, if nothing else as a way to get away and take a break from the technology that is becoming ever present in every aspect of our lives.

  3. You know, I have been thinking about this. I will miss books but I love trees more!
    I think what makes the memories of my mother daughter reading day is one part the smell of new books but three parts my mom reading to me. I feel that it is the people who read to us that create those memories. Those become favorite stories because perhaps they select the ones relevant to us and more importantly read them to us… So as a 32 year old woman, who does not have children (yet!) I hope to create memories of me reading to my children and I might be reading from a kindle! Yet I hope that I can take them to the park and while books may be a thing of history, trees will not!

  4. I love my books and my toys..who says we can’t have both? I want books partying on my shelves, old friends are the best, are they not?

    I saw Dick and Jane snuggled up to Bill Bryson in your photo. Reminds me of a quote by some wild woman named Kate Mason ~ “Nothing I learned in school prepared me for life on any level. My first book should have read : See Dick balance his checkbook. See Jane leave an unhealthy relationship. Run, Jane, run!”

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